Chinese flag found at underwater wreckage of Japanese war ship

The depths of the ocean are very mysterious, what with all the weird fish and sea creatures, shipwrecks and maybe even sunken treasure down there. It’s no wonder scuba diving is such a popular activity, since you never know just what you’ll come across.

Last weekend, some Japanese divers off the coast of Palau thought they knew what they were going to see when they dove to the underwater grave of a Japanese warship. However, they were surprised to discover something new and peculiar at the site: a Chinese flag. Hm, that wasn’t there last time…

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Jiggly Japanese pear mascot lands itself in deep water in the US【Video】

Have you been wondering what Japan’s favorite mascot has been up to lately? Who, you say? Why, Funasshi, of course, Japan’s squiggly wiggly pear mascot from Funabashi City in Chiba! After rocketing to fame and winning Japan’s top mascot honors in 2013, Funasshi has been touring Japan and the world! Its latest trip was to report for Fuji TV’s “World’s Best Of Picture Show: Top Research“. Find out all the American locations a gyrating pear looks out of place in after the jump.

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China’s hauntingly beautiful lost city is no myth

Deep beneath the placid blue waters of Qiandao Lake in China lurks a beautiful and haunting sight. You’d be forgiven for thinking the above photograph was a digital manipulation, and it’s true that sunken cities have often remained confined to myth, but this mysterious place really does exist. Read on for more stunning photographs of the hidden wonder.

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Underwater Santa greets aquarium patrons in Tokyo

You might claim that you’ve seen Santa fly through the air on Christmas Eve night, but have you ever seen Santa swim with the fishes? The Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo hosts a special event during the month of December allowing patrons to witness the big man himself feed sharks, sunfish, and a turtle.

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New twist on an old fetish: Eight photos of girls in knee-high socks… underwater!

Aw yeah, knee-high socks. Does that get you wet?

Well, these are probably the wettest set of knee-high socks you’ll ever see. Some genius has combined two favourite fetishes in one… “knee-high socks” plus “women underwater”, making for some amazing shots that are very enjoyable even if you’re not particularly into either one. I wonder how this stroke of genius came about. Did someone accidentally fall into a pool while wearing knee socks and climb out shrieking “Eureka!!” Did they start the underwater shoot and then realize the models had terrible shaving rash which needed to be concealed somehow? Or did it come about through some other process of evolution? Wetsuit, wetsuit socks, wet socks… wet knee-high socks? Let’s not even mention how sexy it is to see someone sucking on a scuba diving mouthpiece.

“Underwater knee-high girls”, a collection of photos of women wearing socks underwater, is due to be published by Pot Shuppan on 29 August this year. The underwater photography was captured by Mika Ninagawa, who directed the manga-based movie Helter Skelter (2012), and film-maker, Manabu Koga.

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Sony Unveils New Walkman for Swimmers– Light, Sturdy and on Sale for Under $170 this February

If you’re of the sporty persuasion and wish that you could take your tunes to the pool without having a funny-looking contraption strapped to your goggles or having your earphones fall out every other stroke, Sony’s newest addition to the Walkman series will definitely be of interest.

Scheduled for a February 16 release in Japan, the new NWD-W270 series features a compact, lightweight design and boasts 4GB of onboard storage space. Plenty of delicious images and details after the break.

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