Universal Studios Japan

Nintendo announces its Universal Studios attractions are coming to the U.S. too!【Video】

Shigeru Miyamoto promises fun for theme park guests not just in Japan, but also California and Florida.

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USJ stops rollercoaster partway through to remove one high school rider who broke the rules

For an amusement park, Universal Studios Japan does not play around.

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Evangelion ride being added to Universal Studios Japan this winter

New Attack on Titan attraction also in development as theme park continues to embrace anime franchises.

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Universal Studios Japan receives letter of protest over haunted house using Shinto shrine’s dolls

Trade association upset over Halloween attraction with hundreds of authentic figures.

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Death Eaters set to attack Osaka in invasion of Universal Studios Japan’s Harry Potter area

Dark times are coming this autumn.

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Twitter is abuzz over mindblowingly life-like Haikyū!! character figures at Universal Studios Japan

With details down to the last hair follicle, it’s hard to believe these guys aren’t real!

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Sounds like Universal Studio Japan’s Nintendo zone is going to be huge!

Park reveals project is bigger than Wizarding World of Harry Potter, gives tentative opening date.

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Idols ahoy! AKB48 to hold concerts at Universal Studios Japan every day starting in July

Osaka theme park doubles down (48-times down?) on its Japanese appeal with daily performances by members of four Japanese idol supergroups.

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Japanese Twitter artist shows that maybe Attack on Titan’s giants aren’t scary after all 【Pics】

Perhaps we’ve overestimated humanity’s naked anime enemies.

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Universal Studios Japan to close Back to the Future ride, sell off DeLorean and props

In a bittersweet turn, we have finally arrived at the future full of anime and Harry Potter rides, which means there is no longer space for this much-loved classic attraction.

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New Dragon Ball, Death Note, and One Piece attractions coming to Universal Studios Japan

Some of the biggest stars of anime and manga are going to be spending their summer at the Osaka theme park.

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That Nintendo-themed Universal Studios Japan attraction may actually be pretty fantastic

The first details have emerged about the budget and square-footage for the upcoming Nintendo-themed attraction space in USJ—and it’s much more significant than we anticipated.

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Universal Studios Japan to (probably) get Nintendo-themed attractions

Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) recently signed a basic business agreement that could pave the way for future USJ attractions featuring Nintendo characters and game worlds.

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Universal Studios Japan’s Evangelion, Attack on Titan attractions teased in videos

Universal Studios Japan‘s upcoming Universal Cool Japan campaign rides are rolling out in January with a new ride attraction inspired by fashion model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Crayon Shin-chan) and upgraded versions of “Evangelion The Real 4D,” “Attack on Titan The Real,” “Biohazard (Resident Evil) the Escape,” and “Monster Hunter the Real.”

Fan anticipating the launch of “vangelion The Real 4D” got a sneak peek of the experience in a new ad.

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Universal Studios Japan reveals plans for record-breaking roller coaster to mark 15th anniversary

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, are you up for a challenge? Soon you’ll have another record-breaking roller coaster to add to your list!

Universal Studios Japan has just announced details of its newest attraction: a roller coaster called The Flying Dinosaur, which promises to have the world’s longest track and the deepest drop ever for a flying coaster!

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A photo tour of the JAL “Premium Night” at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan (USJ), one of Osaka’s most popular tourist attractions, was hired out for an exclusive event on September 24 for an events called JAL Premium Night. As many of you will know, Japan Airlines, or JAL, is the official airline of USJ and was offering the chance for lucky ticket holders to attend this after-hours event.

And, as luck would have it, one of very own RocketNews24 reporters attended the spectacular event and was fortunate enough to enjoy the exclusive JAL Premium Night, snapping a load of photos for the rest of us to enjoy!

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The surprising name for Universal Studios Japan theme park in Okinawa leaves netizens confused

We reported earlier this year that Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is floating the idea of opening a new theme park in Okinawa. We now know the proposed name for the new amusement park, and it has left many Japanese surprised and confused.

You see, the company plans to drop the “Universal” brand from its name, and instead the new theme park will, apparently, be called Nangoku Resort.

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Attack on Titan’s Universal Studios Japan attraction opens

Universal Studios Japan is formally opening its new Attack on Titan attraction on Friday. “Attack on Titan The Real” is part of the Universal Cool Japan event (along with Evangelion, Resident Eviland Monster Hunter) which will run between January 23 and May 10. Musician and well-knownEvangelion fan HYDE was among the celebrities who attended Thursday’s opening ceremony. TheMainichi Shinbun paper’s MaiDiGi filmed the opening:

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Universal Studios Japan reveals details of upcoming Attack on Titan attraction

Universal Studios Japan is about to be hit by an enemy of titanic proportions!

The popular theme park located in Osaka has finally revealed details regarding one of their most anticipated attractions ever, set to be open to the public from January 23 till May 10 of next year. Feast your eyes on all of the epicness that awaits in Attack on Titan: THE REAL! 

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The top 10 Instagram photo locations for Japan in 2014 【Photos】

As we close in on the end of the year, it can be hard to remember all the places we went and all the things we did over the past 12 months. By “we,” I don’t mean just the RocketNews24 staff, since our website acts as written evidence of most of our year’s worth of frequent escapades and occasional shenanigans. Instead, I’m talking about all of the people who lived in or visited Japan during 2014.

Since we don’t have all of you under surveillance (just the half-dozen or so that Mr. Sato regularly tails throughout the day), we’re instead turning to photo-sharing site Instagram to be our judge, with its list of the top 10 Japanese photo locations that users shared over the course of the year.

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