What are Japan’s Twitter users talking about today? Llamas? Dresses? Nope! Cups of urine! (Kinda)

This week has been a busy one for the Internet. We suppose the Internet is always busy, but it seems like we’ve reached peak Internet wackiness what with all the rampaging llamas, baffling dresses, superpowered fishes, and Sesame Street parodying House of Cards. So, by now, you might be thinking that it’s time to give the Internet a break and maybe settle down with a good book.

But before you do, you might want to see the hilarious tweet that’s taken Twitter by storm in JapanUrine for a real treat!

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Over half of Japanese adults do this in the shower – How about you?

You know how sometimes you get into the shower and the gentle sound of running water suddenly makes you feel like your bladder is about to burst? What do you do?

Turning off the water, drying off and walking over to the toilet sometimes seems like too much trouble, especially with all that free-flowing water around, so do you hold it or just let loose? According to a recent survey, one in two Japanese adults don’t see the point of moving.

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Four urine-loving Tokyo men arrested for taking photos of girls who just couldn’t hold it anymore

Just in case you haven’t had a dose of creepy in a while, we bring this to you to keep you sober and careful in the future.

Being an adult female and an avid reader of news, I’ve come to realize over the years that there are a lot of creepy people in this world of ours. Within the past two years in Japan alone, for example, two stories that made headlines involved a man who was arrested for throwing cups of urine on women and another for kidnapping a girl to raise as his “ideal wife.” And now, another similarly creepy case has come to light, with four men being arrested in Tokyo for activities that I would rank pretty high on the creepy scale.

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Student taken to hospital after submitting sample from pet dog in urine test

This week, the latest in a new mini-series here at RocketNews24 which we’ll tentatively call “People Doing Stupid Things They Really Should Have Guessed Would Backfire Badly”, we bring you a student who is claiming to have been quarantined after submitting a sample of his dog’s urine for a school medical.

The anonymous post on Japanese forum 2channel is titled “What happened when I put my dog’s pee in for the school urine test”. Let’s take a look at how the saga panned out!

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Japan reacts to Colombian President’s urine trouble during speech

Peeing one’s pants is a problem that knows no borders. Well except for the parts of the world that don’t wear pants at least. Nevertheless, it affects all races, religions, genders, and ages.

However, when a video of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos apparently releasing urine into his unfortunately brightly colored slacks hit YouTube, it was like no one had ever seen such a thing before. Granted it was relatively rare coming from a world leader, but they pee their pants one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

And yet this video has spread across the globe like so much discharged fluid into a cotton polyester blend, and many people’s reactions to it were equally uncomfortable once more was understood about the man – Japan being no exception.

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Police pick up man “addicted” to throwing cups of urine at women

We all have our vices. Some like a drink or a smoke while others fancy a wager on the ponies every now and again. No matter who you are there’s something you rely on to help get you through the day.

As bad as those previously mentioned habits might be, at least they don’t involve assault charges. The same can’t be said for one middle-aged man arrested for allegedly indulging in his irresistible pastime of throwing cups of urine at women from his car. If they don’t have a rehab for that one yet, they really should get on it.

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Osaka Politician Busts Man Peeing Against His Campaign Poster, Tweets the Outcome

I’m sure we all have politicians whom we’re not especially fond of, and, while most of us would never go as far as taking a leak against one of their campaign posters, the thought of making our feelings known through… unusual… means might have occurred to us on more than one occasion. My own dear uncle, for instance, was once temporarily barred from entering the US after writing a particularly heartfelt letter to former president George W. Bush during his tenure. But that’s another story…

On Sunday this week, a 40-year-old man in Osaka decided that his strong dislike of politician Kei Yamamoto needed to be expressed physically, and, spotting the politician’s face on a poster down a quiet countryside road, decided to let rip with a golden shower of contempt.

Unfortunately for him, who should be cruising by at that exact moment but the politician himself…

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【Creepy News】 Creative Japanese Turn Water Cooler into Urine Dispenser…

Water coolers, known over here as “water servers”, are very fashionable in Japan right now, with many seeing them as something of a status symbol and buying stylish models for inside the home as well as the office.

There’s no doubt that drinking plenty of water each day is good for our health, and medical experts suggest that we take up to eight glasses of the stuff ever 24 hours, so having fresh, cool water on-hand throughout the day is perhaps not all that bad an idea.

But there’s one model of water cooler that those in high society probably won’t be installing in their living room any time soon… [NSFW]

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Chinese Man’s Bladder Explodes after Drinking Game Turns Deadly

It’s a typical drinking challenge that many guys have gotten into at one point or another.  The first person to “break the seal,” or use the bathroom first, is the sucker who picks up the check.

Good times are had watching guys squirm it out and race to the urinal before wetting themselves, and all the funnier if they don’t make it in time.

However, for one group of friends in China, their friendly wager turned tragic leading to the near death of one man.

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