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Nintendo Switch’s “Baby” game turns your console controller into a screaming nightmare【Video】

Experience the joy of sleepless nights and stress migraines with Nintendo’s 1-2-Switch!

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy with epic Cup Noodle worthy of a final boss

Thirty years spanning fifteen iconic “final” adventures. Let the feast begin!
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Japanese Twitter artist recreates awesome fighting video game scenes in Nanoblock form

Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, and Dragon Ball Z all serve as inspiration for blocky coolness.

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Overwatch’s D.Va becomes symbol of Women’s March and feminist group in South Korea

“Nerf this, patriarchy!”

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The story behind some of the most and least successful video games in history

Mario rises in one corner, E.T. gets buried in another. This handy infographic explains it all.
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Fight against evil panties in the new Panty Party mobile game【Video】

“Step forward! Warrior of Love, it’s time to show your love of panties!”

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Edible Magikarp returns, with new flavor, to Japanese taiyaki sweets chain!

Weakest, most delicious Pokémon returns for encore appearance in Tokyo and Yokohama.

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Sailor Moon’s 25th anniversary means it’s time to play Sailor Monster Moon Hunter【Video】

In the name of the moon, we did not see this coming!

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Japanese gaming chair is blowing up on online retail sites and Twitter

If it looks like a chair and acts like a chair, but has over two million on back order, is it really just any ol’ chair?

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“Super Real Mario Odyssey” video ponders what trouble Mario may get into in upcoming Switch title

Mario can handle goombas and koopas, but what about cops and gangsters in the “real” world?

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How expensive is the Nintendo Switch, really? Japanese Twitter compares it to 35 other consoles

Is the price too high or does it make sense? Let’s find out… using history!

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Lonely Japanese gamers giddy over the prospect of getting to smell girls in VR titles

Will new technology let them really experience the scent of virtual girls?

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New Pikachu plushie cozies up inside ketchup bottle, looks so cute that we could eat him right up

Pokémon continues in role as pitchman for tomato products in Japan with adorable limited-edition stuffed animals and pouches.

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After 27 years, a secret technique for defeating enemies in Super Mario World has just been found

Big Boo doesn’t seem nearly as scary anymore.

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Gorgeous Kingdom Hearts stained glass clock installed in Tokyo for game series’ 15th anniversary

It’s time to go to Shinjuku Station.

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Pikachu and Super Mario left out of lineup of official spokescharacters for Tokyo Olympics

After some seriously high-profile involvement, Nintendo characters aren’t part of newest promotional push for 2020 event.

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Biannual migration of otaku taking place in Tokyo

Twice a year, mother nature treats us to one of her most spectacular phenomenon: the mass migration of otaku through Kokusai-Tenjijō Station in Tokyo.

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Popular racing game developer Genki begins countdown, fans’ expectations build

Is a new release of Tokyo Xtreme Racer on its way?

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Shadow of the Colossus, Last Guardian soundtracks to be performed at Game Symphony Japan concert

Classically trained musicians will play selections from classic games including Fumito Ueda’s Ico at upcoming Tokyo-area performance.

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Tokyo taxi company to release smartphone app with battling princesses

Gojyo Taxi is hoping that the ability to evolve pig-tailed magic girls in their cars will boost usage, and “hope” is a wonderful thing.

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