People are getting into fights outside Apple stores because no one in China can buy an iPhone 6

Fights have broken out all over the world in the last couple of days in front of Apple Stores as people queued for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Assaulted Japanese man runs ad in Berlin subway asking attacker to work together

How would you react to being beaten up while living in a foreign country by an assailant spewing racial hatred? While most of us may be more interested in revenge, a Japanese software developer and longtime resident of Germany recently showed how to set aside anger to make the world a better place. Instead of dwelling on the attack, the Japanese man bought ad space in a Berlin subway station to ask his attacker to work on a translation project together. Click below to find out what made this Japanese man want to reach out to the man that gave him a black eye!

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Japanese gamers debate Red Cross’s call for virtual crimes to be punished

The International Red Cross has recently been pushing for so-called “hyper realistic” video games to follow international humanitarian laws and penalize players for their in-game crimes, such as gunning down civilians. Last month, the organization on its Japanese site posted an explanation about why it decided to press for this. As expected, gamers had mixed reactions to the announcement with some decrying the “over-regulation” of their hobby, while many thought it was a much-needed change to the industry.

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Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack

The principal of an elementary school in Osaka recently resigned under pressure from the city’s board of education after using physical violence as a disciplinary measure against seven of the school’s students for enacting and concealing the event of a knife threat within the school.

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Messing with These Vending Machines May Result in Severing of Fingers and/or Published Photos of Your Genitals

Rumor has it that among the numerous maid cafés, manga, DVD, and video game shops in Akihabara, Tokyo, there exists a unique corner full of vending machines.

The machines contain typical fare for Japan – colas, teas, snacks, condoms, and such – but are guarded by savage penalties unbecoming of the general levels of politeness in this country. In fact, often involving dismemberment, these penalties seem more at home in a bleak post-apocalyptic Thunderdome type society than urban Tokyo.

Few know about this legendary group of vending machines outside of Akihabara aficionados. So our reporter, Kuzo, decided to venture up the electric river of Akihabara in search of the Heart of Vending Machine Darkness.

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Host Club Boss Caught on Camera Beating an Elderly Taxi Driver, Internet Outrage Contributes to His Arrest

A video showing a man believed to be the boss of a “host club” bar repeatedly striking an elderly taxi driver has caused outrage in Japan after it was uploaded to YouTube and Niconico video.

The video, which is incredibly hard to watch and has already been removed several times due to its disturbing content, led to internet users uniting for a common cause and demanding that the hat-wearing bully be identified and arrested.

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Japanese-Owned Store in Shanghai Asserts Chinese Solidarity amid Violent Protests ***Updated***

After weeks of anti-Japanese protests in China, with many escalating into physical violence and damage to property, Japanese nationals and businesses alike are understandably on edge. With many stores being ransacked and any person thought to be supporting Japan in any way- including innocent Chinese civilians unfortunate enough to be seen driving Japanese-made vehicles- being attacked amidst mob violence, it is little wonder that people are doing whatever it takes to distance themselves from Japan.

Famous clothing brand Uniqlo- a Japanese company founded in Yamaguchi prefecture- opened its flagship Shanghai store in 2010 to much fanfare and excitement, suggesting that, irrespective of the differences the two countries may have, trendy fashions at low, low prices can bring people together in mutual consumer harmony.

It would seem, however, that even one of China’s most loved Japanese brand names is battening down the hatches for fear of mob reprisal… Read More

Chinese Man Dragged Out of Car and Beaten For Driving Toyota During Anti-Japan Protests 【Contains Graphic Imagery】

Anti-Japanese rallies in China continue to escalate as protesters in cities across the country have come out in the thousands, marching in front of diplomatic compounds, attacking Japanese businesses and burning Japanese flags (see photos of the destruction here).

The Chinese government has shown no signs of intervening and the unchecked violence has become a double-edged sword as many of the Japanese businesses vandalized were staffed by local employees and contribute to local tax revenue.

Now it seems the protests have begun to take a toll on human life as well: it was revealed on Sunday that at least one Chinese person was trampled to death in a protest and, even more tragic, another person was critically injured after being attacked for driving a Japanese car.

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Japanese Man Pulls Knife on Teenagers For Littering, “I Just Wanted to Warn Them”

Japan is known for being one of the cleanest countries in the world, surely a point of pride for many Japanese people. But is it enough to pull a knife on someone for littering?

Last month, Tokyo police arrested a 60-year-old man for threatening a female high school student with a knife after they threw their trash on the ground of a public park.

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Police Stand By as Korean Man is Assaulted by Extremists for Protesting Japanese War Crimes, Japanese Internet Approves

A Korean man protesting at the infamous Yasukuni Shrine was assaulted by a group of Japanese men on August 15, the 67th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II.

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