Everyone’s Talking About Some Hot Chick’s Armpit Hair

So, everybody, what do you think when you see a girl’s armpit hair? Does it make a difference if she’s smoking hot? A lot of people would probably be surprised, and some of them might even reject her entirely over the matter.

Well, this has apparently become a big topic of conversation in China, where a pretty young woman bared her hairy pits to the world.
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Animated Film About Dystopian Society Powered By Feces  Set For Japanese Release Next February

After eight years in the making, South Korean animated film Aaichi & Ssipak was finally released in its home country in 2006. Now, in February 2012, the film will finally be getting released on Japanese shores. But why the delay?

Well, for starters, Aaichi & Ssipak is a movie packed with graphic scenes of sex, violence, and poop. No, really.

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A Spa for Crocodiles? Well, They Do Have Pretty Scaly Skin…

A lot of ladies head to the spa for beauty treatments and relaxation, and recently more and more men have been getting in on that action. But the spa industry isn’t stopping there. They’ve begun on the animal kingdom as well.

According to our sources, Australia now boasts a spa for the exclusive use of lady crocodiles.
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Spiritual Medium Channels Steve Jobs, “I wanted to be alive for at least 10 more years.”

On November 5, Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and father of the iPhone and iPad, passed away.

Strangely enough, Jobs’ death came the day after the iPhone4S was announced, almost as if he was holding on just to see off his latest brainchild off into the world he was soon to leave behind.

Even if he did accomplish this goal, the reality of passing away at the age of 56 must have been hard for him. Surely the technological visionary had more he wished to say and more he wished to accomplish before he died.

We therefore decided to go to one of Japan’s most prominent spiritual hot-spots, Mt. Osore (lit. Fear Mountain), and ask a traditional Japanese spirit-medium to contact Steve Jobs for a post-mortem interview. Read More

Expert Mode Toilet Found In China, One Mistake Surrounds You With Your Own Failure

Previously, we shared a series of images of Chinese public toilets so inconveniently-designed that we imagine most people would rather hold it until they get home.

Now, we’d like to share yet another image of a ridiculous public lavatory that has recently caused a splash on Chinese internet forums for being what can only be described as the expert mode of toilets. Read More

Taiwan’s Space Raincoat Is 100% Rainproof, We’d Rather Be Naked In Monsoon Rain Than Wear It

We previously introduced the UFOCAP, a revolutionary, Korean-made umbrella that requires no hands to carry and a lot of humility to wear.

Earlier this month, a new piece of sci-fi inspired raingear went on sale in Taiwan that may just ground the UFOCAP from its position of most convenient/embarrassing way to protect yourself from the elements.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you…the Space Raincoat. Read More

Gnarly Chinese Public Toilets Make You Want to Hold It

I did my homework before embarking on a trip to China. One thing I’d heard about were public restrooms set up in ways unimaginable to us with respect to sanitation and privacy.

I found a thread on a Chinese Internet forum and was not disappointed. There were images of stalls with doors perched so high up that anyone could see your entire lower body just by walking by. I saw a stall with a door, but no wall. Most surprising of all was a toilet overflowing to the extent that it filled up the room with water and . . . I don’t even want to know. Read More

Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ As Performed By a Group of Enthusiastic 70 Year Old Chinese People

If there’s one thing we like about old Chinese people, it’s that they’ve got spunk. Whether it’s getting up early in the morning and doing Tai Chi in the park or dressing in drag and dancing on the streets every evening, elderly Chinese people just don’t let their age get the best of them.

The men and women of the Funan Province Retired Seniors Activity Center Choir Group are a prime example of this geriatric gusto: the group, whose members’ average age is over 70, caused a sensation in China and abroad this year after performing an enthusiastic—and, frankly, bizarre—Chinese rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” on television. Read More

The Pocky Game is a popular game played mainly at Japanese college parties or similar situations involving young people drinking. The rules are simple: two people place each end of a Pocky stick in their mouths and nibble on it until their lips meet. Whoever pulls away first is the loser – the exception being when the players start making out, in which case everyone is a winner.

But what if you don’t have anyone to play the Pocky Game with in the first place?

This was the question posed by a group of graduate students researching “the applications of mastication in communication” at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. They found the answers in something Japanese people look to often when addressing societal problems: robots. Read More

Sega’s Newest Urine-Controlled Console ToiLETS Set For November Release, Demo Out Now In Select Bathrooms

On Novemeber 21, Sega Japan will finally provide relief to the fanboys who have been holding it in for years with the official release of their new game console ToiLETS. Read More

Revolutionary Korean Umbrella UFOCAP Frees Both Hands So You Can Cover Your Face In Shame

It’s said that man has been using umbrellas to shield himself from the rain for roughly 4000 years. Over this time, the basic structure of the umbrella has never deviated far from the convenient, hand-held device we use even to this day.

However, ever visionaries of the future, the Koreans have taken inspiration from the limitless possibilities of space to bring us a new form of umbrella that surpasses the bounds of human invention. They have brought us…the UFOCAP. Read More

REAL-F is a Japanese company that claims it is “pursuing a ‘real’ that exceeds the real.” While it’s hard to come up with a tangible image of what that could mean, the company has indeed succeeded in creating a mask that is so realistic we’re not sure we want to see anything that exceeds it.

Using a technology developed in-house called 3 Dimension Photo Form (3DPF), the folks at REAL-F will take multiple high-resolution images of your face from different angles and imprint them on a vinyl chloride resin mold. The mask, officially known as “The Real Mask,” is so detailed that it even your blood vessels, pores, and iris details will appear on the final product. Read More

Lady GaGa has gained international fame for her often-bizarre and always-dazzling performances.

In China, there is word on the street of a new performer in town who rivals Lady Gaga in audacity of dress and performance with one not-so-subtle difference – he’s a 70 year old man. Read More

Ambiguous Young Chinese Male Baffles China, Looks A Little Like Justin Bieber

While many people use CG to fulfill their anime-like delusions of beauty, a young Chinese male by the name of Ma Lishan has become an internet sensation for being able to pull off the unnatural look in reality. Read More

Man Advocates “Fart Smeller Movement” During New York Protest In Zucotti Park

On October 3, the day after more than 700 people were arrested for blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge as a part of a protest against Wall Street, protesters boldly moved on to occupy Zucotti Park to continue their rally.

When our reporters visiting New York stopped by Zucotti Park to see what the great American protest was all about, there was one sight amongst the madness of protesters and press that seemed to be grabbing attention particularly among female passersby: a lone man representing what he calls the “Fart smeller movement.” Read More

Man Smuggles Live Hummingbirds In Pants

A Dutch man was caught attempting to smuggle live hummingbirds from French Guiana into Brazil by taping them to the inside of his pants. Read More

Camel Steaks & Gecko Burgers: The Top 5 Rare Meats Available For Purchase On

Fast, convenient and a selection of products large enough to make shopping malls obsolete, is the Mecca for internet shoppers.

The site is particularly useful for purchasing products you may not be able to easily find at local shops, such as rare books, collectibles and a unique variety of butchered animals.

That’s right – while they may not show up on the front page’s daily deals, the internet retailer does offer a hefty selection of rare meats. We’ve searched to see just what we can have shipped to us in that happy brown box and today we’d like to serve you our top 5 choice cuts. Read More

The goldfish booth is a favorite pastime at Japanese summer festivals. Kids plop down a couple coins and get a flimsy paper net with which to catch goldfish out of an inflatable pool. The object is to catch as many fish as possible before the net breaks.

For one day in Akihabara, grown men had the chance to fish for something far more exotic than some fish that will go belly-up in a few days. On August 28, grown men plopped down single 500-yen coins and got a string fixed with a metal hook with which to catch plastic balls out of an inflatable pool.

The fantastic prize? Striped panties wadded up and stuffed inside the balls.  Oh, Japan.

The event took place at adult superstore “m’s” in Akihabara. Overwhelmingly popular Akihabara information site Akiba Blog reports that the women’s underwear came in blue, pink, and green striped patterns.

Some would call this event nothing more than a chance for perverts to snatch women’s underwear in broad daylight with their dignity intact. Perhaps it’s better to believe that the men who lined up to go fishing for panties were looking for presents for their girlfriends and wives.

Source: Akiba Blog

When Mr. Satoh needs to get his heart pumping, he walks. He runs. He jogs, and he does a wealth of other physical activities.

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Lady Gaga Scares Up New Fan Base in Japanese Countryside

Lady Gaga fans languishing in the Japanese countryside, your day has arrived.  No longer will you only yearn to see Lady Gaga in your midst, far removed from the Budokan and other popular metropolitan venues in Japan. She has already arrived and is performing in a rice field near you. Read More

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