Across all times and cultures, there have been a variety of hygienic practices, some of which we would regard with horror today.  One of those, which has been much discussed recently, is the practice of drinking one’s own urine to promote good health. Yes, you read that correctly, drinking a steaming glass of your own pee as a health supplement. Read More

7-Eleven Japan Asks Kids to Draw Mom’s Portrait for Mother’s Day, Chaos Ensues

May 13 is mother’s day and while most people will likely send their mom flowers and call it a day, here in Japan, 7-Eleven is celebrating by letting their youngest customers draw portraits of their mom and posting them in the store for all to see.

It’s an adorable idea, sure, but a series of photos posted to Japanese blog Kurukuru VIP suggest that Japanese kids these days may have somewhat…mixed feelings about their mothers.

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How about some fish flavored gum – to boost your intelligence?

It’s widely known that Japanese people love to eat fish (although in recent years, hamburgers and pizza have become increasingly a part of our diet). But even in a country where fish is treasured – so much so that a single tuna can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at the fish market – you normally wouldn’t expect to see a product this “fishy” – fish flavored chewing gum! Read More

【Brain Teaser Time】  Can You Guess What These Cute Little Guys Are Used For?

If you are not ready to see the answer then scroll gently, the answer is at the bottom.

Our modern world is so full of useful products that we are often very cynical of new inventions. In simpler times, when whoopee cushions, pogo sticks, and pet rocks could be considered “cool” much maligned developments like spray-on hair and Mr. T’s Flavor Wave Turbo Oven may have found their place.

However now they are simply lost amidst a sea of gadgets that never took off.  As Ron Popiel might say; they were set, and they were forgotten.  Such is the case of these little items in the photo above.  Though they’ve been around for over a decade we at RocketNews dare you to guess what they do.

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Have a Thing for Shaved Heads? This Cute Monk Guide May Be Up Your Alley

Available at a bookstore near you! (In Japan, anyway… of course …) “Bibouzu Zukan” (“Beautiful Monk Encyclopedia”) features 41 monks who may change the way you think about robes, shaved heads, and monotonous chanting. Read More

Talk on the Phone but Still Feeling Lonely? Check Out These Vibrating Snuggle Dolls

Remember the boyfriend arm pillow? And the lap pillow in the shape of a woman’s lower body? (Or perhaps you actually have them?) Read More

Horror meets baseball – Sadako delights fans with guest appearance at Tokyo Dome Stadium

With a new movie coming out, it seems that Japanese horror character Sadako from the “Ring” series is keeping herself quite busy these days. We’ve already reported to you about how she has collaborated with Hello Kitty. This time, she made a surprise appearance at a baseball game at Tokyo Dome Stadium to throw the ceremonial first pitch. Read More

Kotobukiya Novelty Chopsticks: Katanas, Tigers and Facehuggers, Oh My!

While some claim that the Japanese are paragons of good table manners, Japanese model kit and figurine manufacturer Kotobukiya has practically given us a reason to play with our food with their series of awesome novelty chopsticks.

There are currently 15 different designs, including Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks, Harry Potter wand chopsticks and even far too detailed Alien chopsticks (see below). The latest in the lineup, chopsticks modeled after the blades of four members of the shinsengumi, a famous group of samurai from Japan’s late shogunate period, is set to go on sale In Japan on April 28.

Check below for a closer look at some of the best the series has to offer!

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Plastic face? Leather face? Whatever you call it, this make-up is disturbingly freaky!

A particular series of pictures has been spreading rapidly over the internet recently. At first glance, they’re  just pictures that show a lady with her car, but wait – there’s something seriously creepy about her face! Read More

What the … ? U.S. Navy firefighting Robot may be life-saving but is unnervingly freaky!

Rescue and firefighting robots that can operate in disaster areas too dangerous for humans can obviously be a great asset, and it is not surprising that research and development of such machines are conducted in many countries around the world.

One such firefighting robot developed by the U.S. Navy has been the subject of  significant attention recently. It’s actually a humanoid robot, which is unusual for a rescue robot, but that isn’t the reason why it is gaining attention; the reason becomes quite obvious once you see a picture of the robot – the robot just simply looks incredibly freaky! Read More

Welcome to the Crappiest Toy Store in Thailand

Disclaimer:  This article contains some graphic depictions of doo-doo and is not  for the faint of stomach.

One of the great things about visiting Thailand is that everything is so cheap.  Especially if you want to buy souvenirs for a lot of people, it’s a very shopping friendly country.  However, even with these low prices, travelers are still faced with the dilemma of what to get loved ones.

You don’t want to spend your whole vacation picking out the perfect gifts but you also don’t want to be like your aunt Grace who gave you a lame souvenir spoon from her trip to the Grand Canyon last year.

Luckily we stumbled upon a toy store in Thailand that lets you confront your fear of buying a crappy present by selling literal pieces of crap.  Small coilers will run you about 50 baht (US$1.60) but a larger log will cost 150 baht ($4.80).

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Triangle-Shaped Head New Benchmark for Beauty in China?

In the past, we’ve reported on some of the more extreme cases of plastic surgery in China. These men and women are obsessed with beauty and are willing to go to any lengths to reach their ideal. Changing everything from the contours of their face to its features, they become completely unrecognizable from their former selves.

Among these dedicated beauty seekers is a subgroup that has been garnering a lot of attention recently: the triangle heads. Recently, we discovered another of this terrifying breed. Read More

Yay ‘merica! Bacon Shake! But How’s It Taste?

Well, that’s what we’re here for.

So, Americans love bacon. Bacon with eggs. Bacon with burgers. Bacon with waffles, even. We’ve even seen bacon with chocolate and other sweets. Read More

Artist Makes Battleship Roll Sushi Into Actual Battleships, Devours Results

OK, sushi-lovers, have you ever eaten a gunkanmaki, or “battleship rolls”? They’re the ones with a little bit of rice surrounded by a sheet of nori to form a little bowl. Then loose toppings like sea urchin and salmon roe are piled in. They’re named after their resemblance to a battleship, but one artist is taking that verisimilitude even further by constructing battleships out of battleship rolls, and the Twitterverse can’t seem to get enough of them.
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Goose That Laid the Golden Egg Hiding Somewhere in Japan

Have you ever seen such a lustrous gold egg before? I’m willing to bet most people would answer “no” to that. And yet, this shiny egg is the real thing! Well, at least it’s a real egg, anyway.
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Fun Do-It-Yourself Mini Cherry Blossom Kit

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms (sakura) and cherry blossom season? That exquisite pink everywhere. Refreshing, energizing, even. It’s fun just to wander around checking out the different parks with cherry blossoms. Sadly, time flies and the petals blow away… Read More

Tokyo Mob Blocks Ambulance. “You should be ashamed, Japan!”

There’s a shocking video that has people talking. Titled, “緊急走行を妨害する歩行者Unreasonable walkers interfering with an urgent run“, it shows an ambulance with its sirens blaring. But the thing is, when it comes to a six-way crosswalk (likely in Shibuya, Tokyo), the pedestrians just keep walking, preventing it from going through.

And it’s not just one or two people either, but dozens, maybe hundreds of people completely ignoring the ambulance, crossing the street at a normal walking pace. Read More

Man-Eating Sushi Terrorizes and Fornicates in “Dead Sushi” Film Trailer

In recent years, sushi has quickly become the most popular Japanese food outside of Japan.

It is against this backdrop of rapid sushi globalization that Japanese film director Noboru Iguchi, the mastermind behind such cult horror classics as RoboGeisha and Mutant Girls Squad, dares to ask the question: what if sushi grew fangs and tried to eat us?

Enter Dead Sushi.

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Goats on a Tree

You wander the Moroccan desert lost, dehydration and the scorching sun draining the life from your body more and more with each passing moment.

An oasis appears. A pool of water at the base of a lush tree promise relief from the heat and hope that you may yet find your way home.

You run towards the oasis but then stop suddenly. Did that tree just bleat at me?

You rub your eyes and, as the illusion evaporates into the unforgiving sun, you realize: that tree isn’t covered in foliage, it’s covered in goats. And that pool of water? That’s goats too.

You murmur to yourself: What the $!&#.

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Three Women Get Identical Plastic Surgeries and Take Over-Coordination to Scary New Places

Have you ever met up with a friend only to find that you chose the same outfit to wear somewhere public?  Or have you ever been in a class where someone you don’t know or even don’t like was wearing the same shirt as you?  The feeling of awkwardness, annoyance, and/or embarrassment that comes with these situations is something most of us try to avoid.

However, three mysterious women in China have decided to make this a way of life by making their faces identical with cosmetic surgery.

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