Herp derp! Awkward sun bear is awkward, somehow still adorable【Photos】

If you’re an animal lover, you can probably find something to like in even mother nature’s less visually appealing species. Slightly defective cats are basically the kings of the internet, after all. But we were shocked to find that some of Japan’s Twitter users have been mercilessly mocking a certain species of black bear for being “super creepy and gross.” C’mon, guys, it’s a bear! Bears are cute! Or at least, that’s what we thought until we saw the pictures…it turns out that there’s a certain kind of bear out there that’s just, well, kind of a major dork.

Don’t believe us? Check out this gallery of awkwardness! It’s un-bear-able!

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These placid penguins really love taking a ride on this seal’s silky back【Photos】

The holiday period is well and truly over, and it’s cold, grey and generally blah outside. If this sounds like your life, then you could do with a penguin pick-me-up to perk you right up, courtesy of RocketNews24! We’ll even throw in a free seal to seal the deal! Join us after the jump for some adorable photos of a beautiful interspecies friendship!

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Capybara hot springs are back: Rodent-friendly onsen now available all over Japan

Sure, monkeys bathing in natural hot springs are cute and famous and all, but they’re just monkeys, not giant rodents! Who doesn’t want to watch the world’s biggest rodents bathe in hot water? No one, that’s who. Thankfully, the annual capybara hot spring (onsen) event at Izu Shaboten Park will reopen on December 20!

But wait! After 32 years, the capybara at Izu Shaboten Park in Shizuoka finally got word out to their rodent relatives at the other zoos and now animal parks all over Japan have hot water baths for their capybara.

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Lion at the Yokohama Zoo looks innocent…until you read his bio

Aww, look at that big guy. He’s got such cute puppy dog eyes and a slight little smile. Don’t ya just want to hug him? Aside from the fact that he’s a dangerous wild animal, that’s probably not a good idea because of what is listed under the “special features” section of his bio at the Yokohama Zoo.

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“Attack on car”? When real life angry birds attack

Not unlike the “911 attack cat” that’s been making waves across the States, it looks like a peacock at the Singapore Zoo has also gone into an unstoppable rage! Only this time, the battlefield happens to be a road, and the peacock in question has challenged a car to a duel. Maybe its wrath was triggered after seeing its own reflection in the car’s shiny exterior, or by the driver’s attempt to get it out of the way by beeping the horn…but regardless of what provoked it, this is one angry bird. Who do you think emerged victorious after the fight? 

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Autopsy of deer in a Chinese zoo reveals startling cause of death

While the silly news last year about a Chinese zoo trying to pass a dog for a lion made headlines around the world, the story this time is a lot more disturbing. A zoo in Xiamen (also known as Amoy) on the southeast coast of China reported earlier this week that one of its male fallow deer had suddenly died. As if its death wasn’t already tragic enough, upon conducting an autopsy, workers were surprised to discover the unexpected cause of death, something that could easily have been prevented. Keep reading to learn the unfortunate details.

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Man jumps into tiger enclosure in China and asks to be eaten

On February 16, horrified onlookers watched as a Chinese man jumped into a bengal tiger enclosure at Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, south-west China. The man taunted the two tigers for twenty minutes, offering his flesh to them and asking to be eaten.

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Ape escape! Emergency manoeuvres at Ueno Zoo as world’s least-threatening gorilla gets loose

Visitors to Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo were asked to evacuate the premises yesterday after it was reported that a gorilla had become loose from its enclosure. More than 50 members of staff immediately leapt into action, preparing giant nets and tranquilizer guns to take down the rampaging, and undeniably cuddly looking, animal.

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Watch red pandas while you eat red panda curry at Japan’s Safari Land

Penguin bars, owl cafes, and black cat coffee shops are just a few of the strange and yet completely cool shops in Japan where you can view animals while you sip and munch. It seems like new ones are turning up every week, like this one in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The restaurant, which is actually part of the Safari Land animal park, allows guests to enjoy a plate of curry in the shape of a smirking red panda face as they watch a real life version of their curried animal in an adjacent enclosure.

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It may look like a panda, but this baby at the Hangzhou Zoo is a wooly animal

Pandas by themselves are adorable, but when you find a different animal that resembles those black and white creatures, it’s cuteness overload! First, we found Pandagators, which may or may not be categorized as “cute” for some people, but we’d say they’re far less terrifying than the original and teetering towards the cuteness realm. But this next panda-like animal is undeniably delightful. Can you guess what it is?

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Pandagators: Coming soon to a zoo near you?

In these tough economic times, businesses from department stores to zoos are struggling to attract customers, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do but get a little…um…creative. For example, shrewd business people will offer discounts, find unique merchandise, or paint their zoo animals to look like pandas.

Wait, what!?

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Obachan power strikes again as middle-aged women buy giraffe for local zoo

Obachan are a powerful force in Japan. While the term literally means aunt, it commonly refers to middle-aged women who have done their time in the lower ranks of the female order and are finally at an age where they can do and say as they please. Stories of strong-willed obachan are not uncommon in the news, with some forming their own political party and others even starting their own rock groups. Proving that nothing is out of their reach, one group of obachan in Hokkaido have now done something that no one ever imagined they would: They raised over 54 million yen (US$548, 000) and bought a giraffe for their local zoo.

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Spend a day at the zoo on Google Maps

Google Street View is amazing. Not only does it allow us common folk a few glimpses of abandoned islands, strange pigeon people, and the inside of the Ryōgoku Kokugikan sumo hall, anyone anywhere can now enjoy looking at the cuddly animals at zoos around the world. From the famous San Diego Zoo to the Chengdu Research Base in China, Google Maps will transport you to a world of cute (and you don’t even have to pay an admission fee).

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Nice try! Zoo in China puts a “lion” on display, visitor realizes it’s actually a dog

A man visiting a zoo in Luohe City, Henan Province in China was surprised to hear what he described as “barking” coming from the enclosure marked “African lion.” But that’s silly, lions don’t bark, they roar…

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Take a Ride on the Zoo Train Where the Seats Stare Back

We can’t decide whether this is the cutest or creepiest thing we’ve ever seen. This train, which transports passengers to the Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido, Japan includes a carriage with a children’s play area and stuffed animal seats. Zoo-goers can snuggle up with pairs of owls, reindeer, wolves, giraffes, polar bears, and many more.

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Zoo Dwelling Panda Turns Yellow, Bums Out Visitors and Enrages Internet

China’s Internet indignation was recently set off yet again by images portraying a “dirty panda.” The panda which was photographed relaxing in its enclosure seems to have taken upon a yellowish hue.

Since then there have been scores of netizens throwing accusations of abuse at the zoo in Nanchang over what is normally the cutest and most beloved member of the bear family.

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Visitors to a Zoo in China Pelt Innocent Lions with Snowballs for Fun

In a series of images released online earlier this week, a group of visitors to a zoo in Hangzhou, China, can be seen enjoying themselves by hurling snowballs at a defenseless lion and lioness in their enclosure.

The photos show snowballs hurtling toward the lions and exploding against their bodies as they stand feet below the cruel bombardiers, clearly distressed and with little more than angry roars with which to retaliate.

We must warn you that some readers may find the following images distressing.

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Capybara Hot Springs Celebrates 30 Years of Giant Rodent Relaxation

There’s nothing quite like taking a dip in a hot springs to warm chilled bones during the cold months. In Japan, soaking in hot springs water, or onsen, is considered the ultimate form of relaxation—so much that even Japanese animals, such as the “snow monkeys” of northern Nagano, seek them out.

But it’s not just native species who appreciate Japan’s thermal waters; every year, Izu Shaboten Park, a theme park and zoo located in Ito City Shizuoka, runs a hot springs for their capybara to help them make it through Japan’s cold winter season.

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Ueno Zoo’s Panda Enclosure Goes Big Brother, Installs Real-Time Cameras for All to See

Okay, who likes pandas?

Of course you do! How could you not? They’re fuzzy and cute, they walk around eating bamboo all day, they rarely maul people to death when they bump into them in the woods like their bigger brown relatives… That said, with fewer than 3,000 pandas estimated to be in existence across the globe, the chances of running into one while out for a morning stroll are pretty slim…

So thank goodness that Ueno Zoo in Tokyo– home to two of just 11 pandas in the country– has installed a set of cameras in its panda enclosure, allowing the public to take a sneaky peek at the pair from the comfort of their own home.

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