Although there are many poor people in North Korea, very small number of people live so far from starvation there. Peculation of rescuesupplies by the army, as they say, happens so frequently. You would be amazed when you come to know what Kim Jong-il eats every day … and would be at a loss for words to see how the dictator lives in that poorest country.

So, here we show you the list of Kim Jong-il’s daily 30 dishes, disclosed by his exclusive chef.

01: Soup of coconut and shark fin
02: Soup of Bamboo shoot and shark fin
03: Soup of a kind of snail and shark fin
04: Shark fin dish
05: Japanese style prawn Tempura
06: Goat kebab
07: Italian pasta
08: Chinese roasted pig
09: Broiled fish
10: Pigeon in miso flavor
11: Sushi
12: Beefsteak
13: “Samgye-tang” (traditional Korean chicken soup)
14: Pai-tang soup (broth of chicken and vegetables)
15: Roasted pheasant
16: Soup of dog meat
17: Eel sushi
18: Matsu-take (mushroom) dish
19: Dried fish
20: Prawn sashimi
21: Borscht
22: Cold noodle of potato powder
23: Coffee
24: Cakes
25: Pickled pork neck
26: Fresh seafood soup
27: Lightly boiled seafood
28: Dish of dandelion leaves
29: Vinegared seaweed sprout
30: Liquor (imported)

According to Kim’s North Korean ex-chef, he is fond of seafood and meat, especially roasted suckling pig and pork neck. Moreover, Mr. Fujimoto, who was serving as Japanese chef, says “Kim Jong-il seems to love shark fin dish”. Sometimes various kinds of shark fin dishes, as Mr.Fujimoto says, come up to his table at a time. When it comes to the liquor, his favorites are Johnnie Walker and Hennessy XO.

The report by the United Nations tells us that 40% or more of North Korean children seems to suffer from chronic starvation. Does the dictator keep doing this kind of luxury still now? When Kim wants to have more of sushi, he seems to pronounce “won more”(the way people say “won”for korean currency), failing to give starving people more “won”.