Possibly the most internationally famous food of Japanese cuisine is sushi. In Japan, sushi is so popular that there is a huge variety in the way it is served.

Cheaply priced moving-sushi-boat style (called “kaiten sushi” in Japanese), more moderately-priced deli-style packed sushi, and expensive “omakase”-style (literally, the sushi chef picks the cuts for you) at a sushi counter are just a few of the wide variety of styles of serving sushi in Japan.

Not only the Japanese, but the rest of the world seems to have become enamored by sushi culture as well. Tourists often visit Tsukiji Fish Market as part of their tours in order to watch the fish trading. Tsukiji has become the world’s most famous tourist spot for observing the fish trading market at work, and for eating the finest quality sushi at the sushi bars located just outside of the market.

There is now a sushi bar in Ota ward, in Tokyo, called “Tatsu Sushi” where you can spy on the preparation of their particular style of sushi, “Edomae-sushi”, through Ustream. You can observe first-hand the craftsmanship of the sushi chef cutting and preparing the fish before the restaurant opens for the day. A customer gets a feeling of security and satisfaction at witnessing the preparation. Opening the kitchens to the online world might become a new type of customer service.