“Something seems very very wrong”, said Mr. S. who had been shopping online frequently for 8 years. He recently found a new online clothing store, but was shocked at what he found they sold there.

For example, a jacket wrapped with a rope or a combination sweater-and-jacket look. Everything he found was bizarre.

A normal person might not be able to find a reason to wear a jacket wrapped in rope. Of course, if that becomes the fashion trend, then it’s pointless to argue.

You can find these crazy fashion items on a site called PHENOMENON. The jacket with rope is sold as “Shibari MA-1” and the price is 89,250 yen. Is anyone really willing to spend this much on a jacket?

The product description says, “This is a unique jacket recreated in the PHENOMENON-way for those who desire to be different from others. Aside from the jacket, they offer many other ways to become different from others as well.