On March 16 several members of the French artist community café salé launched Project Tsunami, a website showcasing a collection of earthquake- and tsunami-themed illustrations.

Contributing artists have the choice of either exhibiting their piece at a charity auction that is to take place on April 30 at Galerie Arludik in Paris, or having it published in a book that will go on sale September 8. For either option all proceeds will be donated through Give2Asia to help the people affected by the disaster.

One piece in particular is already attracting much attention on the Internet, and has captured the hearts of the Japanese people.

The illustration (pictured above) features Kamen Rider 1, the original hero from the popular franchise Kamen Riders and a Japanese cultural icon, holding a young boy as he walks among the destruction wrought by the tsunami.

The site is accepting contributions from artists regardless of nationality, and all pieces are screened for quality and validity before being posted on the site.

Translation: Steven

All images property of Project Tsunami (http://tsunami.cfsl.net/) See the website for the full collection to date.