On April 26, police in the Jinlin province of China crashed a local brothel, causing panic as staff and customers fled to avoid arrest.

One customer and his escort were caught in the heat of the moment and, having no time to dress, ran frantically through the building and outside to the roof full monty.

Fortunately for the Internet the scene was caught on camera.

The pictures, uploaded to Taiwan-based news site ifeng.com, document the dramatic flight of the befuddled customer as he attempted to slip past the police by climbing down a pipe on the side of the building.

Prostitution is illegal in mainland China, though practiced openly in both cities and rural areas. While it is certain embarrassing to be arrested in the buff, being photographed naked while you Spiderman your way down the side of a brothel to evade the police really makes you reassess your priorities.

Translation: Steven

Source: 鳳凰網 (ifeng.com)