Normally, when one has a craving for crêpe they head to their local crêperie to have one made fresh, or drop by the convenience store to pick one up on the go. If you’re a bird of prey, you may even resort to criminal methods.

Now, thanks to that good old Japanese let’s-put-anything-in-a-vending-machine ingenuity, you can feed your appetite for French pastries with just the push of a button.

The machine we found (pictured above) is at the Fukuoka Airport and dispenses the crêpe of Fukuoka-based crêperie Kita Kitsune No Daikobutsu (lit: The North Fox’s Favorite).

The flavors available for purchase are as follows:

500 yen (US $6.17)
Milk Caramel
Chocolate Caramel
Lemon Caramel
Melon Caramel

250 yen (US $3.09)
Orange & Blueberry Rare Cheesecake
Mont Blanc

In addition to crêpes, several types of soft caramel were also available for purchase at the price of 500 yen, though all were sold out despite the surprisingly high price for a vending machine.

Choosing the pudding crêpe for myself, I put in 250 yen in, pushed the button, and a small plastic crêpe-pod appeared at the bottom.

I popped off the plastic lid and took out the crêpe, which was further wrapped in plastic, much like the pre-made crêpes found at convenience stores.

Unsurprisingly, the taste was also that of your standard convenience store dessert crêpe. Still, not too bad for 250-500 yen, and perhaps worth it just for an interesting conversation-starter to use on the plane.

Photos: RocketNews24