It’s Saturday in Bangkok and you’ve just enjoyed a jumping shrimp salad lunch and stopped by the Jatajuk Weekend Market to buy accessories from the local international celebrity. Now, with that hot sun beating down, your throat has dried up and you’re just not sure what to do next for entertainment.

To you I give this counsel: seek thee the spinning milk tea artisans of Tae Ta Re.

Walking through the Jatajuk Market you may have already come across such men: holding a pitcher in both hands, passing milk tea back and forth through the air whilst spinning around nimbly. However, the most skilled of the trade is surely the master at the shop Tae Ta Re.

We visited the shop and were lucky enough to have the man himself make our drinks for us. We ordered two cups and were startled as he unexpectedly picked up two pitchers in each hand and began to make both of our drinks simultaneously.

The fluid motion of the milk tea being passed back and forth midair was the kind of enchanting spectacle you would expect to see at a Chinese acrobatics show. With every spin the milk tea danced like a dragon from pitcher to pitcher. By the end were left in awe as he had effortlessly mixed the drinks without spilling a single drop.

There was another young man present who appeared to be an apprentice. While the master can gracefully throw the milk tea through the air without spilling, this apprentice makes the milk tea rain. If your order falls in the hands of the apprentice you may have to settle for a loss in volume, but his endearing clumsiness is entertainment enough.

The milk tea itself was heavenly, and there were some people who would order two or three cups just for themselves. Perhaps it’s just our imagination, but having a master craftsman spin in circles while making your milk tea seems to make it taste a notch above the rest.

Photos and video: RocketNews24