Hello Kitty, one of Japan’s most well known characters, has been setting the international standard for cute since her 1975 debut. Throughout her long career Hello Kitty has taken on a number of forms, figures and fashions based on popular trends of the time.

Now, in 2011, Hello Kitty has jumped on the zombie bandwagon.

Due to go on sale this September, the Hello Kitty Zombie Friends series will unleash undead Hello Kitty upon the world. Kitty’s twin sister Mimi and several other animal friends will also eventually join Hello Kitty in her quest for human flesh.

Hello Kitty Zombie Friends was illustrated and designed by Mad Barbarians, a company that specializes in creating unique character designs. In creating the series, Mad Barbarians says they’re aiming for a “cute, but slightly scary, zombie-make-believe” Hello Kitty.

The design above was posted as a teaser announcement on the Internet. As the product line is still in development, the final design may change before the release date. We’re hoping for a slightly cuter revision of zombie Hello Kitty—or that she at least wipe the blood from her mouth.