Some people presume that daughters of the world see their dads as stinky old men who they’d rather keep their laundry separate from. A study published in Japan earlier this month suggests that not only do young women pay attention to their father’s personal hygiene, but that dads who take care of their skin are more likely to be considered ‘cool’ by their daughters.

The study, titled Father-Daughter Relationship and the Father’s Skin Care, was conducted by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. The study surveyed 515 fathers in their 40s‒60s and 515 of their daughters in their 10s‒30s.

In the survey, 65% of daughters responded “yes” to a poll that asked if they think their dad is cool. Moreover, the survey reported a strong positive correlation between the dad’s level of skincare and his ‘cool factor’: 93% of dads with the seemingly-cleanest skin were approved of as cool by their daughters, while only 18.9% of dads on the opposite end of the spectrum could say the same.

While 80% of all daughters surveyed claimed they would like their fathers to pay attention to the cleanliness of their skin, only 47.8% of the fathers reported they actually were. However, 70.5% of fathers responded that they would start skin care if recommended by their daughters.

Furthermore, it seems that fathers start to notice their distinct odor roughly five years before their daughters do, hinting that dads have a few years time frame to start skin care before their daughters start complaining about their shirt smelling like old man after being mixed in with dad’s laundry.

The study also gives a breakdown of the specific reasons for why daughters think their dad is such a cool dude, with the daughters asked to mark all that apply. The highest rated reason, a whopping 81.4%, was because their father “maintains a neat personal appearance.” The second-highest, at 72.6%, was their father “is respectable” and third, at 68.9%, was their father “is dependable.”

In the mid-range, 59.4% thought dad is cool because he’s “knowledgeable,” 54.0% because “he listens to and understands me,” 51.1% because “he’s a good worker,” 43.9% because “he enjoys other things aside work,” 41.7% because “he’s an interesting talker” and 40.6% because “he has hobbies.”

At the end of the spectrum, 38.4% daughters labeled their dad cool because “he helps around the house,” 25.6% because he “makes money” and only 19.6% because he “holds authority.”

It seems that, in Japan, dads might do best to leave the housework to mom, take some time off work, be a little more humble and get themselves to a beauty salon!

Original author: ricaco
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