In Japan monomane, or impersonation, is one of the most popular forms of comedy in the country, and some high-profile comedians have made their careers solely out of monomane.

One of the most well known of these comedians, Korokke, has recently released a picture of himself imitating Yuko Oshima of the popular Japanese idol group AKB 48.

Ms. Oshima has been in the spotlight recently for having dropped from first to second place in the screening election that took place this month for fans to vote for their favorite of the now-58-member-strong group. First place was taken this year by Atsuko Maeda.

Korokke, now 51, uploaded the picture of his impersonation of the 23-year-old pop star to his personal blog, which was met with praise from the Internet community who claimed it “spot on.”

Indeed, we have to admit that Korokke does an excellent job at capturing the distinctive features of Ms. Oshima’s expression—though we would take the real Yuko Oshima over the impostor any day.

In a style imitating that of a stereotypical Japanese teenage female, Korokke writes on his blog that he will perform this monomane on the upcoming TV special Monomane Grand Prix set to air July 1. Knowing Korokke, we’ll be watching intently as the performance is sure to contain some sort of surprise theatrics.

Source: コロッケ揚げたてブログ 七コロび八起き