Previously, I wrote about my first class flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. This time I’d like to share the high points of my return trip with Thai Airways.

I had heard that Thai Airways treats their first-class passengers like celebrities, so naturally I was excited for the trip home. Below is a list of the things that I thought really set Thai Airways apart.

・Special Ticket Counter with Drink Service
Like many other airlines, Thai Airways offers a separate ticket counter for first-class passengers to check-in. At Bangkok International Airport Thai Airways uses a wide, stylish, lounge-like space where passengers can take care of check-in procedures and sip on a complimentary beverage while waiting.

・A Side Trip to the Spa
After leaving check-in, passengers are taken by cart to a lovely spa where they can relax until boarding. The cart follows an exclusive path that has you at the spa in about three minutes from the first-class immigration counter.

・Free Thai Massage
At the spa first-class customers are entitled to a free Thai, foot or oil massage of their choice. Regular passengers may also enter the spa, but must pay for the massage. What’s more, first-class customers are given access to private rooms on a different floor, and, to top it all off, are offered a beverage before and after their massage.

・Free Food at the First Class Lounge
By this point I had fully realized that free, delicious food and drink are one of the staples of the first class experience. Despite knowing that more tasty surprises awaited me after boarding, I couldn’t help but treat myself to sandwiches, steak, salad, Thai wine and a glass of beer—and that’s not even all that was available!

・Luxurious In-flight Service
On the plane, the seats fold back flat so you can sleep, and are wide enough so that you have a little room to roll over. Much like the flight from Tokyo to Bangkok, the food is all on par with a high-class restaurant and the cabin staff attend to you like waiters. Since this was a late-night flight, the first meal was a little on the light side with soup and a small fish dish. The next morning I was greeted with a pleasantly arranged plate of fruit, a croissant accompanied by a Thai Airways-exclusive disk of butter, and a shrimp and rice dish.

What may have surprised me more than anything is that through the whole experience I must have been given six small hand towels. While I’m not sure that made my trip and more or less enjoyable, it was a nice bit of service I wasn’t expecting!

Pictures: RocketNews24