Everybody loves chicken kara-age, all-star of Japanese cuisine. The crispy, succulent Japanese fried chicken admirably fulfills its role as side dish, beer munchie, and midnight snack. Hardly anybody would turn down another bite or two.

Chicken cuisine chain Toridori is taking that idea and running with it this summer. Toridori is offering all-you-can-eat chicken kara-age for 800 yen at its Shinjuku Higashiguchi location until August 31. 

This Toridori restaurant is located on the first floor below ground in a building one minute away from the East Exit of Shinjuku Station on foot. A sign outside the building advertises the deal in huge print, beckoning diners to descend into chicken kara-age heaven from the lunch hour on.

Patrons can choose between grated daikon radish, sesame sauce and tartar sauce to go with their limitless kara-age, and requests for seconds on rice and miso soup are met with a smile and another helping. Drink bar service is added on during lunchtime.

The initial order yields five crunchy, juicy pieces of chicken kara-age, rice, miso soup and a salad. After finishing the first five pieces, customers can order more kara-age in increments as small as once piece, ensuring that everyone walks away having eaten exactly as much as they wanted. Toridori also fries the kara-age on order, so each and every piece is fresh and piping hot.

Toridori is only offering this deal at the Shinjuku Higashiguchi shop and not at its other locations. However, a deal this great is not one to miss.