The recent announcement of the iPhone4S was met with mixed reaction across the internet, with more than a few people expressing disappointment that Apple was releasing only an upgrade and not a new model.

Still, Apple followers are known for their loyalty and soon after the announcement we surveyed 240 of our Japanese readers to see if consumers plan on forgiving Apple and buying the iPhone4S anyway.

Do you think you want the iPhone4S?

1. I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 – 135 (55%)
2. Yes, I want it – 71 (29%)
3. No, I don’t want it – 39 (16%)

The results show that 71% of those we polled currently have no intent of purchasing the iPhone4S.

Furthermore, breaking up the results by gender, it seems that 76% of females polled responded that they will wait for the iPhone 5, while only 50% of males answered the same.

Though the iPhone4S may be good news for anyone who was on the fence about purchasing an iPhone, it appears that customers who were eagerly awaiting a new model were indeed unimpressed by the recent announcement.

So how do you, our English-language readers, feel about the iPhone4S?