While many people use CG to fulfill their anime-like delusions of beauty, a young Chinese male by the name of Ma Lishan has become an internet sensation for being able to pull off the unnatural look in reality.

Ma Lishan quickly gathered buzz for uploading pictures skillfully exhibiting his silky smooth skin, sparkling eyes and manga-esque pointed chin.

Though many people were quick to write Ma off as another photoshopped phony, it became clear that the magic in the pictures was real when a video of Ma appearing on amateur talent show program China’s Got Talent surfaced on the internet.

The video shows a slender young boy with sparkling eyes and a perfectly pointed chin – no doubt the same Ma from the pictures.

And the glamour of Ma didn’t stop there.

His official blogis decorated with one-liners hinting that Ma’s personality is just as flamboyant as his looks:

“This is the superiorly-cute, invincible Ma Lishan!”
“I think my looks are the best in the world.”
“I’ll enchant you all!”
“I always have the smile of an angel. Don’t be jealous!”
“So, it’s okay to be in love with yourself, right?”

…and so on.

While these kinds of high-grade ambiguous remarks did bring Ma a flood of attention, it seems that not much of it was very positive.

In the video Ma takes the stage and enthusiastically declares: “I’m going to be famous at any price!” to which one of the panelists replies: “It’s true that you’re in the limelight…but I think it’s probably better if you took a more natural form…”

According to his official blog, Ma is currently working as a model and singer.

Source: Ma Lishan Official Blog宅宅新聞(Chinese)
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