REAL-F is a Japanese company that claims it is “pursuing a ‘real’ that exceeds the real.” While it’s hard to come up with a tangible image of what that could mean, the company has indeed succeeded in creating a mask that is so realistic we’re not sure we want to see anything that exceeds it.

Using a technology developed in-house called 3 Dimension Photo Form (3DPF), the folks at REAL-F will take multiple high-resolution images of your face from different angles and imprint them on a vinyl chloride resin mold. The mask, officially known as “The Real Mask,” is so detailed that it even your blood vessels, pores, and iris details will appear on the final product.

3DPF is not capable of creating images of teeth and customers must have their mouths closed, though smiling or silly faces are permitted. REAL-F also states that it will do its best to comply with customer requests such as changing skin complexion, in case you wanted a mask of yourself as a different race.

To ensure the highest level of realism the company requires customers to come to their studio in Shiga prefecture. The casting and photography only takes around 2 hours but customers must wait a minimum of 2 weeks before they have a doppelganger mask in their hands.

It may be sometime before these masks start appearing at Halloween costume stores, however. One face mask will put you out 300,000 yen (US$3,900), with each additional replica costing 60,000 yen (US$780). REAL-F also offers the option to have your bust taken with the same technology for 450,000 yen ($5,853) and 15,000 yen (US$195) per copy.

When this technology does become more affordable, we have the feeling that people will find some very interesting uses for them.

Source: REAL-F Website