On Novemeber 21, Sega Japan will finally provide relief to the fanboys who have been holding it in for years with the official release of their new game console ToiLETS.

As the name suggests, ToiLETS differs from traditional home consoles as it used with not a television but a urinal (sorry ladies).

The system consists of a small LCD screen that attaches to the top of the urinal and a sensor placed inside. Games are controlled by urinating on the sensor, which detects the volume and speed of the player’s flow.

On October 19, Sega installed trial versions of the console in the restrooms of 40 Yoro No Taki restaurants throughout the Kanto area.

There are currently 2 titles available for play with the trial version:

The first is Fill it up! Mannequin Piss, which ranks players by how much they were able to drain from their bladder.

The second is Shoot Milk From Your Nose – Gang Leader Battle!, where you fight for the title of “Toilet Gang Leader” by out-peeing the person who used the urinal before you.

Sega also plans to release the following 3 titles at launch:

Superurinal Power Panel Quiz: players are presented with a piece of trivia and must use their stream to flip over panels and search for the correct answer hidden beneath them.

Urine Examination: a urine-based personality test performed by an enthusiastic female nurse.

Hurricane Warning In Effect: players urinate continuously on the sensor to create a hurricane that blows the skirt up of a bashful weathergirl.

Sega claims that ToiLETS will transform the simple, everyday task of urinating into a new from of entertainment. ToiLETS is also expected to improve restroom sanitation by encouraging users to keep their stream focused on the center of the urinal, decreasing spillover and splash, and the LCD screen can display customized advertisements, making it an appealing investment for business owners.

Translator’s Note: ToiLETS and the titles of the 5 games are NOT official, but rather our translations of the current Japanese names.