Sure China gets a bad rep for blatantly ripping off well-known brands – but, hey, at least they’re innovative about not innovating!

Take iShampo, which, if the bottle label claiming official an Apple license is to be believed, may be the world’s first collaboration between a tech company and hair care.

Not only does iShampo boldly assert itself as an Apple-endorsed product, but it even raises doubts about its credibility as a hair product by leaving off the second ‘o’ in ‘shampoo.’

Regardless if the spelling error was intentional or not, iShampo is on a mission to be to hair care what the iPod was to portable media. Under the catch phrase: “Let’s Change the World Again,” iShampo’s product information page reads: “Original, revolutionary, surprising and elegant. This is the essence of Apple. Experience the ultimate wash with iShampo.”

iShampo is available for purchase online for 49.9 yuan (US$7.85) per 800 ml bottle and is available in sleek Apple white for shampoo and slick Apple black for conditioner.

We think we’ll wait until iShampo appears on the shelves of Apple Stores before we purchase a bottle – though we are intrigued by rumors that iShampo2 will feature more powerful dandruff control.
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