We previously reported on the limited edition 7-11 Gundam figurines that went on sale last month in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.

A little over a month since the figurines went on sale, we began to wonder if this 7-11 Gundam plastic model is worthy enough to represent the 30th anniversary of the series that set the standard for mecha plastic models.

Walking to the nearest 7-11, we made our purchase and assembled a plastic model for the first time in probably about 20 years.

While your correspondent used to be considered something of a plastic model artisan, the model took a surprising 4 hours to complete – the years seem to have had an effect on me.

However, in the world of plastic models its results that count and I think it’s safe to say the 7-11 Gundam carries the neon torch with grace.

Whether you’ve left behind plastic models with your youth and want to piece together a little bit of nostalgia or you’ve never put together one at all, why not take a trip to the local 7-11, pick up some snacks and a Gundam, and have yourself a plastic model night?