We previously introduced the UFOCAP, a revolutionary, Korean-made umbrella that requires no hands to carry and a lot of humility to wear.

Earlier this month, a new piece of sci-fi inspired raingear went on sale in Taiwan that may just ground the UFOCAP from its position of most convenient/embarrassing way to protect yourself from the elements.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you…the Space Raincoat.

The Space Raincoat guarantees to keep you 100% dry in even the stormiest weather by enveloping your body in a large, tent-like suit. Not only that, but the mussel-shaped flaps on either side of the Space Raincoat are wide enough to allow the wearer to easily hop on and off a bicycle or motor scooter.

According to the maker, “Conventional raingear blocks only 60% of rain, leaving your hands, feet, and other parts of your body unprotected.”

The Space Raincoat solves that problem by covering the wearer’s entire body from fingertips to toes.

There is also plenty of ventilation to let air through and a convenient zipper pocket built into the side so you don’t have to take the coat off just to free your arms (see from 1:01 in the video).

The Space Raincoat can even be adjusted to fit two people by opening up from the back!

The maker also offers a few more unconventional usages: for example, the Space Raincoat can double as a small tent to give yourself privacy if you need to change your clothes or get a call from nature while outdoors.

The Space Raincoat is available for purchase by TWD 2000 (USD 65.83) by contacting the maker, Fēng yǔ Development Co., using the telephone, fax or e-mail listed on their YouTube page.

Though unparalleled in convenience and safety, it remains to be seen if the higher-than-average price and ridiculous appearance of the Space Raincoat are too out-of-this-world for Taiwanese consumers.

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