On November 5, Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and father of the iPhone and iPad, passed away.

Strangely enough, Jobs’ death came the day after the iPhone4S was announced, almost as if he was holding on just to see off his latest brainchild off into the world he was soon to leave behind.

Even if he did accomplish this goal, the reality of passing away at the age of 56 must have been hard for him. Surely the technological visionary had more he wished to say and more he wished to accomplish before he died.

We therefore decided to go to one of Japan’s most prominent spiritual hot-spots, Mt. Osore (lit. Fear Mountain), and ask a traditional Japanese spirit-medium to contact Steve Jobs for a post-mortem interview.

Our medium first warned us that it is sometime impossible to make contact with foreign souls. Acknowledging this, we told her Steve Jobs’ name, birthplace, and date of death and she began the séance. Despite being out of range, the medium seemed to establish communication with Jobs’ spirit quickly and before we knew it, the medium was possessed and channeling the thoughts of the man himself! What follows are the first ever recorded post-death comments of Steve Jobs.

“I wanted to be alive for at least 10 more years”
Jobs was clearly disappointed about his untimely death. “I wanted to be alive for at least 10 more years” he said. “I felt for the first time that human life is irreplaceable.”

“I also realized that life is not something that can be saved by money” he continued. “I knew that I could make our fans even happier, and to do this I needed at least 10 more years. Instead, I received this sad fate.”

“I wanted you all to be happy”
Jobs continued his words of regret: “I will never again know the happiness of showing myself to the world and having the world smile back. It’s all really depressing.” Interestingly, Jobs further commented: “With ten more years, I wanted to stay devoted to the one goal I set for myself: I wanted you all to be happy.”

Could this mean that Steve Jobs wanted to oversee future generations of Apple Computer’s main products, the iPhone and iPad?

Jobs’ Advice For Us
Before finishing, Steve Jobs shared one piece of cryptic advice: “On [date removed], beware of the south.”

He then politely added “I enjoyed our conversation,” and returned to the afterlife.

Jobs had also mentioned: “After we die, there is nothing like a phone we can use to communicate to people.” Through our spiritual medium, we hope that the thoughts of Steve Jobs are able to reach his family in America and fans across the world.

It should be noted, however, that when using a medium to communicate with the spirits of the dead, it is not the direct words of the deceased we are hearing but the medium’s interpretation of their feelings and thoughts. After all, our medium spoke no English and Jobs can’t speak Japanese.

We would like to thank the medium for her cooperation in this report. Even though Mt. Osore is currently closed to the public, she was kind enough to perform the séance elsewhere in Aomori prefecture.

This time we sat and listened to Jobs talk about whatever he felt like saying. Next time, we’d like to have Jobs answer some questions for us-so stay tuned for next time!

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