Korean female pop idol group KARA is riding the top of the Korean wave here in Japan.

In particular, member Han Seung-yeon has been growing in popularity recently with the release of the video for the their hit single “STEP,” with many charmed fans lauding her as having the “most adorable baby face in history.”

Now, Seung-yeon, who is also known to be something of a foodie, has uploaded photos of her own home cooking: a sausage dish with the sausages cut to look like adorable little weenie-bunnies.

The pictures were uploaded to Twitter along with the comment: “I made roasted bunny sausages for the first time in awhile!”

While most fans praised Seung-yeon for her culinary skill, some people suggested that the rabbit sausages could be mistaken for, well…you know.

Here in Japan it’s popular to slice our wieners into octopus, while rabbits are usually made with apples.

After the Korean tweet, Seung-yeon paid service to her Japanese fans by also writing “itadakimasu!” (let’s eat!) in Japanese.

We’re awaiting further updates from Seung-yeon about how the meal tasted.

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