I’m sure there’s a lot of iPhone users out there among our readers. Heck, every time I get on the subway I can see five people using them in any direction I look. But how many of us ever think about the wallpaper we use on our phones?

If you’re like this reporter then you’re probably still using the bland default desktop background. Or maybe you found a cool picture on the web and set it on a whim, only to find its novelty has worn off and you’re too lazy to do anything about it.

Well, how does the wallpaper on the top float your boat? Not too shabby, eh? Even if it’s not your style you can still appreciate how it fits into the iPhone’s unique desktop format. In fact, if you visit the popular blog Alfalfa Mosaic (アルファルファモザイク), you can see dozen of wallpapers that creatively take advantage of Apple’s uniform screen layouts. From the blog you can easily save the background pictures and then try them out one by one to see how they feel.

Just by taking a quick scroll through the blog and its wide range of styles, there’s a good chance you’ll find the wallpaper of your dreams in a few minutes. Thanks to Alfalfa Mosaic I can now take a trip down memory lane with my new Mega Man 2 background!

via Alfalfa Mosaic (アルファルファモザイク)