A humble hair salon has become the center of attention in Tokyo because of its seemingly impossible ability to change men’s appearances completely.

Residents in the flyer distribution area of Dear-Logue hair salon (Shimokitazawa area) discovered this mind-blowing secret tucked in their junk mail and quickly took to the internet to spread the word. “Yesterday in Tokyo, I came home as usual, but when I checked my mail – I noticed this incredible flyer” wrote one bemused blogger.

While offering a service they call “image change” Dear-Logue illustrates their styling process in a series of photos. Following the woman’s “image change” from steps one to four we can see her elegant sexy straight hair transformed into a more playful do with bounce. However, moving on to the man’s demonstration reveals a styling technique that is disturbingly effective.

Frame one shows a guy who looks like my pizza delivery man walk into the salon. As we follow him he selects his style and then leaves it to the stylist to do the rest. The unsettling part, however, comes when focusing on frames three and four. I could almost swear I’m looking at two completely different people. I’ve examined the photos countless times and have seen no evidence of doctoring, digital or otherwise, and I cannot detect any scars due to plastic surgery. This leaves us with only one possible conclusion as to how this man could come to resemble a cast member of the Twilight series – this hair salon is freaking amazing!

High-end hair salons typically cater to women and assume guys don’t care for such services, and so they usually don’t advertise. If they do it is usually quick and carelessly done. Dear-Logue has set a brilliant example by not only advertising to men but clearly perfecting the art of men’s hair styling.

To all the men out there wanting a new look, head on down there and get yourself an “image change” but be careful, people may not recognize you afterwards.

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▼How could they change him into another person!?

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