The App Store, which is famous for prohibiting applications of a sexual nature, doesn’t have any porn, but now they’ve at least got an app that will be amusing for you dirty-minded guys. With Putti!, you can practice unhooking a brassiere on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and if you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with a “marvel of unsurpassed glory”! But first you’ve got to beat that little hook.

Released in August of last year for 250 yen, Putti! reached number 6 on the ranking of paid apps with download numbers in the 20 thousands. But getting to that point was a struggle. The app was in development for two years and was rejected by Apple three times, but the developers refused to give up on their dream of publishing a bra-removing application and finally achieved success.

In the game, you play a junior high school boy who has to unhook the bra of the girl sitting in front of him in class. And not just that. You’ve got to do it without her noticing! Use puffs of air to locate the exact placement of the hook and eye, then use your two “golden fingers” to disconnect them.

Obsessed with seeing what that “marvel of unsurpassed glory” is, men will find themselves playing the game over and over. There are three stages, including a situation at the pool where you have to deal with a bikini string rather than a hook. But watch out, the object of your–uh–affection is the very intelligent president of the student council. To make matters worse, she is one of the most beautiful girls in the school, so her guard is always up. You’ll have to play the game with patience to reach your goal.

Good luck, pervs!

via Netorabo