While there’s no contesting that the world loves Hello Kitty, we think it can be argued that Taiwan’s adoration for Sanrio’s mascot character is unrivaled and may even border on madness.

Just look at Taiwanese airline carrier Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Jet to see the kind of national idol status Hello Kitty has achieved.

That’s nothing more than business promotion, you say? Well then, how do you explain the 50-year-old Taiwanese man who had Hello Kitty shaved on the back of his head to amuse his 80-year-old father!?

Hu Han-yan is president of a local Engineering company in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Hu says his father, Hu Peng-fei, had been feeling down recently due to his age and the cold weather and he wanted to do something to cheer him up.

Luckily, Engineers are skilled problem solvers and Hu soon realized that all he had to do to make his dad happy was to use his head.

Hu visited a local salon and had the stylist shave the back of his head to look like Hello Kitty, sacrificing his own dignity as company president for the sake of getting a laugh out of dad.

2 hours of precision Kitty hair-cutting later, Hu went home to show his dad, who immediately burst out laughing. Unsurprisingly, the haircut got the attention of just about everyone else in the community and soon Hu was a local hero.

According to a later interview, his father commented happily that he felt rejuvenated in body and mind and praised the courage of his son.

Incidentally, Hu chose Hello Kitty because it was one character he knew his father would recognize: Hu has a wife, 3 mistresses and a total of 14 children who love Hello Kitty and there was no doubt grandpa is plenty familiar with the character.

Hu’s father was said to be laughing days after the haircut and Hu himself has been lauded by the community for this selfless act of filial piety.


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