Previously, we brought you the story of a Chinese girl who tried too hard to look like an anime character with terrifying results.

If you’re anything like us, you were able to sleep at night after seeing those images only after convincing yourself it’s just one girl’s tragically misguided sense of beauty.

Yet a new set of images have surfaced that suggest comically large eyes and alien chin may actually be catching on in China.

According to Chinese bulletin board site, the images are of Chinese model Dina Leopard, who is known for her slender, pointed chin.

They were recently uploaded to her blog, where they soon came under attack for looking too unnatural or just plain horrifying. There are currently over 2000 comments on the blog and the number continues to rise as they spread across the net.

Certainly Leopard’s chin looks sharp enough that it would stick in the ground if she fell on her face. And those eyes…

We’re not sure where the demand for a face like this comes from — perhaps China’s modeling industry is looking beyond the international scene and into space?

Original article: Panama Miyazaki,

▼ A no-makeup picture for hilarious comparisons

▼ Could he be the boyfriend?

▼ Looks like she’s got the legs of a model

▼ Sporting the leopard print

▼ An uncanny roundness to the chin, but those eyes…

▼ Not too bad with sunglasses! And, like, only 1/4 of the picture visible…and a giant gourd(?)

▼ Is this really the same person?

▼ Next to normal people for more hillarious comparison

▼ It’s like the bottom half of her face just never finished developing

▼ Her younger sister?

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