Allow us to compare the state of the world economy to a Tonberry, clumsily trudging ever forward and unpredictably deadly to those who dare to intervene in its path.

We can then liken the Indian video game industry to a Chocobo, a radiant yellow bird that, with enough time and experience, will able to run swiftly through even the most rugged terrain while the rest of us get stabbed by freaky little green guys with knives.

It is then only natural that Japanese video game publishing firm Square Enix has decided to establish a new subsidary office in India and is looking for able, Hindi-speaking people to help them orient themselves in the fledgling market.

The job responsibilities and requirements follow below.

Position: Indian Market Development Manager

Responsibilities include:
 Preparation for formation of an Indian subsidiary, including selection of and negotiation and contracting with partner companies when required.
 Participation in operation of the subsidiary following startup (You will be given consideration for a local management position).
 Survey and analysis of the local marketplace.

Required Skills and Experience:
 Native level Hindi and familiarity with Indian culture and market practices.
 Conversational level Japanese and English.
 A strong interest in developing a new market.
 3 years of previous work experience

The native level Hindi requirement disqualifies all of us over here in Japan; maybe our foreign readers will have better luck?

Given that India’s population is set to overtake China’s by around 2030, it’s no suprise that Square Enix is looking to get in the game early.

We just feel bad that India’s introduction to the Final Fantasy series may end up being entrusted to the likes of XIII…
Source: Square Enix Jobs (Japanese only)
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