For nearly four months morning commuters have been terrorized by a serial toilet clogger.  However, finally, Otsukita Prefectural Police currently have a suspect in custody; a 61 year-old auto-mechanic from Takashima City.  They believe the man was disgruntled and acting out frustrations with his work.

This twisted individual’s M.O. was always the same.  On nine different occasions between 28 November and 16 February he would board the first local train departing for Tokyo out of Omi-Imazu Station.  Then he would always enter the bathroom in the rear of the first car which was fully stocked with fresh white toilet paper being the first train of the day.

WARNING: The following may be too graphic for some readers

The maniac would then violently ram toilet paper into the bowl until it could no longer flush, leaving it inoperable and ultimately disrupting train service for the other passengers.

As toilet after toilet fell victim to suffocations, JR West Japan put their employees on high alert.  According to Otsukita Police, on 16 February at 5:30 a.m. a man was spotted by an employee exiting the lavatory.  When questioned about the matter the man confessed just as the toilet spilled its insides all over the floor.

As a traveler who knows all too well the disappointment of walking into a vandalized toilet, especially when time is of the essence, I am ecstatic that this menace to society has finally been caught.  I hope they throw the book at him with the full weight of the law – whatever that is for clogging toilets.

Original Story: MSN Japan
Picture by: tosimisi (flickr)

▼JR Kosei Line / Picture by tosimisi (flickr)