There are countless attractive women in this world, most of who can be broadly divided into two categories: the super cute who make your heart melt and the stunningly beautiful, who you can’t help but think must be the magnum opus of some divine creator.

Gul Nazar (古力娜扎), a 19-year-old ethnic Uyghur model and actress whose beautiful clear skin has earned her the nickname “The Uyghur Venus,” definitely falls in the latter category.

Gul Nazar was born and raised in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, home to the largest population of Uyghurs, a Central Asian ethnic minority group that has come under the international spotlight in recent years after protesters resorted to terrorism in their fight for Uyghur independence.

She comes from a very traditional Uyghur family and could neither speak nor write Mandarin until she was 8 years old.

In an interview with local media, Gul admits that her mother wishes for her to quite modeling and live a normal life.

But the industry wouldn’t dare let a girl this beautiful get away: Gul was scouted when she was 16 and began modeling part-time while attending high school. Struggling to make a break after graduation, she retired from the modeling world until a year later when she decided to apply to the Beijing Film Academy, which has produced a number internationally-recognized alumni such as actress Zhao Wei and director Chen Kaige.

Chinese media, ever the sucker for a “cute ethnic minority girl makes it big” story, followed Gul’s progress with anticipation.

Luckily, she passed with flying colors and made her TV drama debut soon after enrollment.

Most recently, Gul has landed the secondary lead role in upcoming Chinese drama Scar of Heaven.

While still just a fledgling actress, we know this is one face that we wouldn’t mind seeing more of and we hope that “the Uyghur Venus” will be able to make a name for both herself and her people.

Source: 人人網 gulnazar(中国語)、 Youtube xllincon

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