Japanese people love canned coffee. It’s cheap, it’s tasty and you can count on there being a vending machine stocked with it just about a two minute walk from anywhere you are in the country.

Not only is canned coffee a blessing to the people in convenience, but there are often promotions that package them with a free prize—usually a figurine—attached to the top with a plastic cap.

Now honestly, I usually don’t care much for these prizes as they only end up in the trash at the end of the day. However, the steam locomotive figurine that BOSS is currently offering with their Zero no Chouten coffee is probably the most creative freebie I’ve ever seen, using the coffee can itself as the body of the train!

Is that not exciting? Did I mention that it moves as well!?

Listen: until now, the coffee can and the freebie were two completely separate and unrelated entities. But this freebie is different! It’s very reason for being relies on the existence of the can!

I don’t even particularly like steam locomotives, but this little toy really blew my whistle. I hope this convinces those of you in Japan to visit your local convenience store and pick up a BOSS coffee for yourself before the promotion ends.

Not that you need any reason other than Tommy Lee Jones.

Video: RocketNews24

Source: Suntory BOSS

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