Japanese retailer JTT seems to be trying to cover all the bases with its CHOBi CAM series of fully-functional, itty bitty cameras. In addition to their standard model, they’ve put out a tiny water-proof camera, a tiny video recorder and even a tiny DSLR (well, in appearance only).

On March 16, the company announced their next camera, the “CHOBi CAM retro with magnet,” which went on sale the same for 3980 yen (US $47.50).

As the name suggests, the CHOBi CAM retro with magnet is fitted with an internal magnet on the back side so users can fix their camera to a variety of surfaces while they film, or just as a decoration.

The design is inspired from traditional silver halide film cameras and measures 44x25x18mm and weighs 17g. It can shoot still images at a resolution of 1280×1024 and video at 720×480 at a maximum 24fps.

The camera supports microSD/SDHC cards of up to 32GB and USB is used to transfer data and recharge the roughly 1-hour-long internal battery.

CHOBi CAM retro with magnet can be purchased from JTT Online Shop, however shipping is currenly limited to Japan only.

Source & Images: JTT

▼ Actual footage recorded with the CHOBi CAM retro with magnet. Look how excited those dogs are for magnet.

▼ The magnet lets you record hands-free! Let the voyeurism begin!

▼ Connects to your PC via USB

▼ The original CHOBi CAM (without magnet)

▼ The DSLR-themed CHOBi CAM (without magnet)

▼ The water-proof CHOBi CAM (without magnet)

▼ The stylish winter model CHOBi CAM (without magnet)