In 2010, Japanese plastic figure maker Kaiyodo released a Revoltech (short for “Revolver Joint Technology”) figure of Woody from Pixar’s Toy Story. Like many other Revoltech figures, the position of Woody’s eyes could be adjusted and the package came with an alternative faceplate, allowing for a dynamic range of expressions.

Unfortunately, that alternative faceplate turned Woody into a grinning idiot, and adjusting his eyes made him look like he belonged on the Sex Offender Registry.

Images of this “Hentai Woody” (Perverted Woody) performing various lewd acts at the expense of other toys began cropping up on Japanese internet message board 2chan and the trend even spread overseas to achieve meme status.

Then, sometime in late 2011, Kaiyodo pulled the Hentai Woody figure, replaced it with a more wholesome “troubled face” Woody and re-released it earlier this month as a part of their Pixar Figure Collection series.

But while Hentai Woody may have be given the snip (if you know what we mean), he’s still up to his indecent antics and has recently taken to sharing them on Twitter to a growing Japanese fanbase.

The account, @HentaiWoody, is pretty much everything you would expect from your favorite childhood toy-turned-crazed sexual abuser.

While Hentai Woody isn’t usually known to discriminate with his targets, he recently seems to have a soft (and hard) spot for the K-ON! girls.

Take the following tweet, posted March 23: “Ohh!? Azu-nyan said she’ll let me drink some of her ‘happy juice’ to perk me up. Oh really? Mmm, then I guess I’ll take a glass!”

And this isn’t even the worst of it.

We’ve re-posted a number of images below to give you an idea of what Woody’s been up to since Toy Story 3 ended. While most of the more recent images seem to be taken by the Twitter account holder, many of the older images are recycled from the original Hentai Woody fad—not that that doesn’t make them any less hilarious.

Be sure to check out his Twitpic gallery for yourself or subscribe to his twitter @HentaiWoody for more.

Source: @HentaiWoody

“I’m the true hero! ehehehe”