Curretnly, one of the most popular manga in Japan is a series called Saint Young Men, a comedy manga that follows the everyday happenings of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha as they take a much-needed vacation from presiding over the cosmos to live together as roommates in a Tokyo apartment.

For fans of the manga, there’s just something endearing about watching two of the world’s most prominent religious figures stick together through the ups and downs of modern life—something that reminds us that even if we adhere to completely different belief systems, we’re still the same humans living on the same planet. After all, if the two head honchos can get along through the good and the bad, there’s no reason why we can’t!

While the peaceful nature of Jesus and Buddha might make them a match made in heaven, what about the chieftains of other warring tribes?

An image posted to Twitter earlier today gives a glimpse at what it might look like if tech giants Apple and Microsoft were main characters in their own manga.

Illustrated by Japanese doujinshi artist Kuro Takatsuki, the image shows a 36-year-old Apple standing next to a 37 year old Microsoft, along with a few background details for each character:

“Difficult to tell his age by his looks”
“High aesthetic values and a strong sense of pride”
“Has a lot of influence in the graphic design industry”
“Kind to newcomers but hates having to give detailed explanations”
“Thinks out of the box”
“Usually drinks a lot of coffee so prefers decaf”

“Friendly and has a wide variety of interests”
“Has more friends than he can count”
“While he’ll help you out with whatever you need, get on his bad side once and the friendship may be difficult to reboot.”
“Likes dolphins”
“Loves Starbucks drip coffee (dark roast)”

The image spread reapidly through the Japanese twitterverse soon after being posted, meaning the personification must have struck a key with Japanese fans, but would the two actually be able to get along in real life? And where would the setting for their story be? A Tokyo apartment may feel just a little cramped, considering they’ve also got a pet penguin with them.

Source: Twitpic @tktk1013