There’s always this slightly distressing moment of truth that comes before sending your bags though the X-ray baggage inspection machine at the airport. Did I forget to take out the water bottle I bought earlier? Did I accidentally fold my clothes to look like an automatic rifle?

Getting padded down after crossing the gate can feel like an embarrassing violation of privacy for anyone. Of course, that’s still a step up more dignified than what happened to one Chinese guy who was sent thought a baggage inspection machine after falling asleep drunk on the conveyer system.

The incident occurred at not an airport but a train station for a long-distance train in the Zhejiang province. The station is equipped with an X-ray machine similar to those used at airports to inspect passenger’s luggage before they board the train.

According to the police, the man entered the station at night, apparently drunk. While drunkards wandering in and out of the station during late hours is nothing new, this man caught the security staff off guard when he stumbled onto the baggage inspection machine’s conveyer belt, where he decided to take a short rest as the machine sucked him in and spit him out.

A video of the story posted to Youku (embedded below) shows the actual image of the man as he went through the X-ray screening, his innards on full display as he lie spread out in drunken stupor.

Station staff report that after he made it through security, the man simple stood up and briskly walked off like nothing had happened. And he didn’t even have to take off his belt.

Source: Youku

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