During our recent travels to China, we encountered a very strange product while at a grocery store in Erenhot, a small city located on the Mongolian border.

The product was a brand of drinkable yogurt featuring a character that looks eerily similar to Mario riding a green dinosaur that looks incredibly similar to Yoshi in a fashion that is blatantly similar to the box art of Super Mario World.

So China rips things off: nothing new, right? But what we’re having a hard time wrapping our extendable tongues around is why they drew “Mario’s” head like that when they chose rip off the rest of the iconic image so precisely. As a result, it just looks like a fat Chinese man cosplaying as Mario. At least they kept Yoshi’s modification simple with his green antlers/head pincers.

The yoghurt itself was thick and creamy and tasted more like condensed coffee creamer than the yoghurt we’re used to.

We were told this Super Mario yoghurt is not limited to Mongolian border cities and can be found anywhere in China.