Can you guess what these gadgets are? It’s hard to tell from their appearance, isn’t it? Well, they’re portable devices that are designed to keep you cool in warm weather, so they’re not just cute and smart looking, they’re actually quite functional. So what exactly are they and how are they used?

Okay, we won’t keep you in suspense. These are actually portable fans, but what makes them unique is that as you can see from the pictures, there are no blades, so you could call them “fanless” fans. If you thought that dyson’s Air Multiplier fans, also without blades, are cool but a bit pricey, then this small portable fanless fan may be a fun, inexpensive alternative. These fans are available from Thanko Rare Mono Shop for a much more reasonable 980yen ( $12.25).

The fanless fans come in cute blue and pink designs, and they weigh 203g (0.45lb), making them light enough to carry around. They’re both battery and USB operated, so they can easily be used at the office or outdoors. If you take off the back cover, there’s a sponge inside which you can add water to if the air is very dry, or you can also add a few drops of scented oil to relax and enjoy the aroma.

Not bad for a cute little item that weighs less than half a pound, don’t you think? These fanless fans may come in handy in the coming summer months!

Source: Thank Rare Mono Shop (Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)

▼The fans have no blades, so they’re safe, and they’re both battery and USB operated.

▼The fans come in blue and pink, and you can add water or scented oil to the sponge inside.

▼Use the fan without the frustration of cables or connected to your computer at your office or home.