Low turn-out for blood donation is a chronic problem in nearly every country.  It seems that people generally don’t like being stabbed and having a machine suck out their blood.   On top of that, some countries, such as China a couple decades back have had scandals involving reused equipment and tainted blood that all but shattered the public faith in blood collecting authorities.

These bleak circumstances look like a job for the Blood Buddies: a group of strapping young Chinese men and women who don superhero tights which also illustrate their circulatory systems for all to see!

These youngsters have left their day job of hopeful singers on a Chinese version of American Idol and took to the streets of Jinan city on International Blood Donor Day (14 June).  Their mission was to raise awareness about blood donations by standing uncomfortably close to people wearing their skintight skinless suits with unbendable smiles.

Some observers on the internet were turned off to this act of heroism calling it “gross” or “disturbing.”  But surely those cold hearts would have been melting on hearing this sextet’s rendition of the blood donation themed ballad Contribution of Love.

It’s hard to say how much of a help the blood buddies were on that day.  People’s distrust of the health services in China a surely very hard to break.  But their photos will undoubtedly last a long time online keeping blood donations in people’s minds both in China and beyond.  At the very least they’ll remind men not to wear tights.

Source: tt.mop, Xinhuanet (Chinese)

▼Blood Buddies Unite!  Notice how no one is standing around the 3 guys… interesting.

▼Here they are singing “Contribution of Love”

▼In the bottom half of the picture the girl in the middle is demonstrating how the descending aorta works.  At the same time the guys are demonstrating how to get arrested for indecent exposure.

▼Here the girl can be seen distracting a passerby while the man on the right guides the pedestrian’s hand towards his gonadal artery.

▼Say Chees – Oh, ma’am, your popliteal vein is showing.

▼This lady won a prize for her correct guess of two inches.

▼And finally the gang demonstrate their signature pose; a lop-sided heart.

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