“Control is better than speed!”

One wonders why they try to show off their personality in the bathroom of all places…

“Take one step forward!
That assertiveness will change your life.”

“Don’t worry!
Your meat
Is not small”

A haiku – “meat” (“tsukune”) referring to  a kind of chicken skewer.

“Please don’t touch. You might get electrocuted.” (on a lightswitch)

“I – L – O – V – E – Y – O – U” (spelled out on receipt, put up on wall of bathroom)

“A request from Fido:
‘Please don’t flush anything other than toilet paper (to prevent clogs).  Please throw trash in the trash can by your feet.'”

Just this framed picture next to the toilet… ‘Stop peeping, you perv!’

‘This embodiment of testosterone was next to me the whole time while I was doing my business…’

For those of you who don’t know this character:

‘I thought I was just there to drink and have fun, but this place was taking their toilet paper providing duties way too seriously.’

‘I found this place near my university. I guess they presumed that since we students drank a lot and ate a lot, we, uh, expelled a lot.’

“Not for drinking.”

(Hand sanitizer, if you can’t tell. Makes you wonder if there was someone who tried.)

“Hello to you. Yes, you in the bathroom. Sorry to bother you here of all places. But we thought this would be the best place to get your full attention. We wanted to tell you how grateful we are that you chose our establishment today out of all those out there. Thank you!”

‘At first I thought they had just translated the Japanese into English. But when I tried reading it, it wasn’t a translation at all…”

“If you hold two tongs, you look like a Baltan alien. If you don’t know what this means, ask your papa or mama.”

(Or watch clip below.)

Another bathroom pontification:

“All the world’s problems as due to everyone not drinking enough.”