A new online service called Bemool has just been launched in Japan targeted at men who don’t know how to dress themselves. For a meager service fee of 5,000 yen (about $60 US), a stylish and pretty expert will go out and buy some outfits for you, something that is no doubt a god-send for shopping-averse–hell, going-out-in-public-averse–net denizens.

These lovely young ladies, who draw their fashion expertise from modeling, working in the apparel industry, attending design schools, and the like, consult with clients on a one-to-one basis in order to purchase clothes that match their individual style and fashion aspirations. Users stipulate how much money they would like to spend, from 20 to 300 thousand yen (about $250 to $3800) and then answer a questionnaire on the website about how often they go clothes shopping and the look they are going for. About 2 weeks later, they receive a package containing their new duds.

Users can pick a stylist from the 9 profiles on the site and send them out to choose clothes and coordinate outfits on their behalf. The stylist will even include a note in their own handwriting explaining which items go together and giving other fashion advice. Currently, Bemool is limiting the number of users to just 100 to ensure this individualized attention.

And, gentlemen, lest you think this kind of service is below your fashion abilities, be warned that according to a survey Bemool conducted, 74% of women report being disappointed in their man’s choice of attire. Perhaps you better snatch up one of those 100 spots before it’s too late…

Via IT Media News