Anyone thinking of traveling to the northern Japanese prefecture of Akita in the near future may want to make sure the power is online first seeing as an adult male Southern Cassowary — said to be the deadliest bird in the world — escaped into the wild early last Friday.

According to official in Akita, the 50 kilo (110 lbs) bird was being kept as a pet by a resident in Kazuno city. It is thought to have escaped on the morning of August 3 after the owner forgot to lock the double-entry door to its pen.

Wait…so you’re saying they’ve learned to open doors…

Okay, so while not technically a raptor, the Southern Cassowary is known to be very aggressive and sports a pair of blade-like claws that are capable of disemboweling a human with one swift kick to the gut.

Prefectural officials launched a search to capture the bird soon after the escape was reported.

At around 3pm of the same day, an office worker at a construction company about 150 meters South-East of the owner’s residence heard a loud banging coming from inside a shed and discovered the bird trapped inside. After reporting it to officials, a team of 10 prefectural workers rushed to the scene and captured the bird with a 5 square meter net.

The bird was captured without any casualties, likely as a result of no one going into the long grass.

Source: Asahi Shimbun