Okay, I admit that I’m a fan of Hello Kitty. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be roaming the food department of the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store in search of Hello Kitty sweets and bentos on my day off . I even admit to having owned a Hello Kitty laptop computer at one time – and not the toy kind either, but a 30th Anniversary Commemorative Edition NEC LaVie computer. But even I have to say that the picture of the Hello Kitty decorated car above leaves me, shall I say, at a loss for words.

Really, I honestly don’t know whether to be impressed or freaked out by the interior of this car. We don’t know whom this car belongs to, but the owner certainly has taken the love of Hello Kitty to new heights!

Now, we have no way of knowing what the exterior of this car looks like (and we would love to find out if we could), but judging from the interior, this doesn’t look like a practical car to drive at all. I mean, wouldn’t all those little Kitty figures come falling down if you hit the brakes? And what’s with the pink fluffy Kitty slippers? Yes, they’re very cute, but wouldn’t the slippers seriously be in the way if someone were to actually sit in the passenger seat?

Well, it is a free a country, so I guess you can decorate the inside of your car any way you like, and there’s no denying that a lot of effort and passion (not to mention money) must have gone into decorating this car, but perhaps this picture is an example of how you could maybe have too much of a good thing – even something as adorable as Hello Kitty.

Source: Ayac News