After 200 years since the first documented match, women’s boxing has finally become an official Olympic sport. The debut match occurred on August 5, and in almost no time at all, we witnessed our first wardrobe malfunction. The match in question was between 3rd ranked Jinzi Li of China and Brazil’s Roseli Feitosa.

In the final round, apparently Feitosa’s punches caused the clasp on Li’s bra to come undone, and it could then be seen spilling out the sides of her tanktop and hanging on her shoulders. The action didn’t stop, and whether this was a significant distraction or even noticed by Li, we don’t know, but for a few precarious moments Li was put on the defensive, taking a barrage of punches from Feitosa. However, in the end, Li pulled through and won the match.

Afterward, Li commented, “I guess the hook on my bra broke from the punches I was receiving. Usually I wear a wrapping over everything, but this time I forgot. I’m glad I won in the end.” And so day one of the first-ever Women’s Olympic Boxing is complete and carved out a well-deserved place in sports history.

Some additional trivia: The women’s competition features four rounds per bout, each lasting two minutes in length instead of three-minute rounds like the men’s. The first day included matches by flyweights, lightweights, and middleweights.
Pic source (Chinese)

▼ Li is in blue, Feitosa in red

▼ The demise of Li’s bra.

▼ Li on the defense.

▼ The ultimate winner of the day, Li.

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