Turning on lights, air conditioners, and other things only using your voice has long been a thing of movies and dreams. Now a Japanese company has made that possible, and only for a few hundred dollars! (Youtube video of the action included!)

Japanese company rti Institute of Technology has announced they will release the Future Home Controller in mid-October. According to the website and the YouTube promotional video, the system is controlled through your PC, and can allow you to activate lights, air conditioners, as well as other electronic devices with your voice!

All for only 36800 yen! (About US$460)

Here is the video of the system in action! (Japanese)

Here are a few other ways we thought we could amaze our friends and families using the Future Home Controller. (You can program the device for other functions- if you know code).

1. Have your friend go to the bathroom. Call out: “Computer: flush toilet” just as they sit down. (Could be kinda creepy, and may not result in friends feeling comfortable at your house)

2. When your good “friend” comes over, say “Computer: turn down lights to a romantic level, play soft jazz music, and bring me some champagne”. Your “friend” will love the subtlety. ;)

3. Leave a phone next to your computer, call it and leave the call connected and on speakerphone while you leave your house. Before you come home in the evening, call through the phone: “Computer: Aircon On!, Computer: Make dinner, Computer: Run my bath, Computer: get ready to listen to me cry about my lonely life…”

Sorry, is that awkward silence just me?

Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing the real product in action because we can’t help but feel that there could be a guy hiding behind the camera turning the air conditioner and lights on and off. Too skeptical? Maybe we should be more open to the amazingness of Future Home Controller.

Oh yeah, apparently there will be english language support at some time in the future.

A snap form the website

Source: IT MEDIA, Gizmodo (Japanese)